The Y is committed to providing healthy meals and ways to stay active for thousands of Y kids every day.

Chronic diseases are largely preventable, yet they remain the leading cause of premature death and illness in California, and the main source of increasing health costs in the United States according to the CDC.

At the Y, we believe healthy eating and active fun are key building blocks for a child's healthy future. Despite the overwhelming evidence showing a link between healthy eating and activity, and academic and health outcomes, we see kids moving in the wrong direction- towards unhealthy, junk food, rather than fresh whole foods, and towards activities that are sedentary- like computer based interests- rather than those that get kids moving. San Francisco's youth health indicator's show that kids aren't as active as they should be.

The Y feeds thousands of youth in underserved communities each week by leveraging USDA food programs. In the school year, this looks like 20,000 meals each month, and over the summer the reach is even greater- we serve over 30,000 meals to youth at camp!

Meals by the Numbers

Through the USDA Meal Program, the Y serves healthy meals to thousands of kids each year to ensure they have the fuel needed to thrive as they learn and play.

healthy meals served annually

healthy meals served each month

healthy meals served each school day

healthy meals served each summer day

Tackling Tough Health Issues Today

The Y is uniquely positioned to promote health and well-being in the communities we serve, from targeted evidence-based chronic disease prevention and management programs to broad community wellness initiatives.

The Y's unique approach to helping kids form healthy habits

The Y is committed to becoming the region’s healthiest childcare and out-of-school-time provider, to put an end to the childhood obesity epidemic. We reach 10,000 youth each day, and we take a unique approach to programming with Healthy Eating and Physical Activity standards. 

We train staff and teach parents about health environments and food choices,and kids learn through Food and Fun, an 11 unit, evidence-based curriculum offering hands on activities. The Y's standards Healthy Eating and Physical Activity are based, in part, on years of research done by the national YMCA of the USA, in collaboration with the Harvard School of Public Health, The University of Massachusetts at Boston, the Healthy Out-of-School Time Coalition, and more.

Program Highlight

Y Bike

Y Bike helps engage participants in a culture of cycling through education on bicycle riding, safety, and maintenance, as well as nutrition and environmental stewardship.


students served annually through all Y Bike programs


elementary & middle schools across San Francisco and San Mateo counties with active Y Bike programs


annual cost to provide all Y Bike programs

Y Bike Programs

YBike offers a wide range of bicycle and traffic safety education programs including:

  • After school bike clubs
  • Week-long summer camps
  • Bicycle safety rodeos
  • PE programs
  • Safe routes to school
  • Bicycle & pedestrian safety education classes
  • Free helmet giveaways at citywide events

Learn more about Y Bike

Y Bike Program Outcomes

Kids who bike regularly:

  • are building a healthy habit
  • experience less stress
  • have less negative impact on the environment (than if they drove)
  • are more independent and confident
  • are more likely to understand the relationship between nutrition and wellness
  • get to meet other people in their community
  • learn important exploration skills, connecting them to their neighborhood and beyond

Watch how Y Bike teaches practical skills to our kids while building confidence and a connection to the outdoors.