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Four Reasons Water Safety is Important (& How to Practice It)

In the month of May we celebrate National Water Safety Month, but here at the Y we think water safety should be celebrated and practiced all year long. Take a look at some of the most overwhelming statistics around water safety, and how you can be a safer swimmer this month, and every month.

1: Swim Lessons should be the First Lessons

The CDC reports on research that states that participation in formal swimming lessons can reduce the risk of drowning among children aged 1 to 4 years. Our Presidio, Stonestown, Embarcadero, Marin, Chinatown and Peninsula branches all offer swim lessons so that you can prioritize swim lessons for your child.

2: Life Jackets: They Float You Don’t

According to the CDC 88% of victims who died in boating accidents were not wearing life jackets. All adults and children on a boat or participating in water sports should be wearing a well fitted life jacket. Not sure what “well fitting” means? Bring your Coast Guard approved life jackets to any of our aquatic facilities for a certified lifeguard to help you get the right fit!

3: Know Before You Go

Most children ages 1-4 drown in home swimming pools, but the percentage of drownings in lakes, rivers and oceans increases with age. Prepare yourself and your child for the places you will visit this summer. When possible, swim and play in places with a lifeguard, and always check for posted warnings at water fronts.

4: Designate a Water Watcher

As a water watcher you agree to:

  • Actively watch children when they are in or near any body of water
  • In an emergency, pull all children out of the water and call 911
  • Keep your eyes on the water
  • Avoid distractions, like books, magazines, cell phones and hand held devices, and other activities.


Take the Water Watcher Pledge:

“I will actively watch children when they are in or around a body of water. I will keep my eyes on the water and avoid distractions. In an emergency, I will remove all children from the water and call 911.”

People who visit Presidio Community YMCA are encouraged to take a selfie with the pledge and share it on social media. Will you take the pledge? #waterwatchers #PresidioY