Lara Hitchcock

Senior Executive Director


Lara is passionate about getting youth outdoors, organizational culture, and trail running. She is the Executive Director with the Presidio & Pt Bonita Ys.  

Kristen Dambrowski

Associate Executive Director


Kristen is eager to help individuals and families improve their health and well-being. She is the Associate Executive Director, with her MNA.

Kevin Lee

Administrative Services Director


Kevin is passionate about providing admin support to our branch.  He’s worked for the Y for 11 years in youth and now leads the administrative team.

Matt Dove

Director of Bicycle Programs


Matt is a lifelong cyclist, bike advocate and educator. He loves sharing curiosity and adventure with young people through his work. 

Jenna Strouth

Director of Youth Development


Jenna is committed to awesome programs for youth during out-of-school time! She has a MA in Cultural Anthropology and has worked for the Presidio Y since 2008 in youth development.

Cory Vo

Sports Director


Cory advocates sports as a vehicle to promote life skill development for youth. He holds a BS in Kinesiology.

Jonn Binnie

Director of Fitness & Healthy Living


Jonn will help you build your stamina, athleticism, power and attitude in a safe and fun environment.

Megan Schroder

Director of Marketing & Communications


Megan leads branch communication. She is passionate about design and sharing the Y’s stories and programs.

Leon Truong

Aquatics Safety Director


Leon is a San Francisco native and has been around swimming pools his entire life. He has 9 years of professional aquatics experience, but especially enjoys running lifeguard trainings at the Y!

Board Members 

Sue Bynum

Board Chair

General Electric

Paul Wythes

Allynn McInerney

Scott Sullivan

Hugo Angelmar

Julian Green

Lisa Edwards


Mary Finley

Essex/BRE Properties

MJ Call

Joseph Farris

Susan Burkhardt

Method Management Consultants

Susan Weems

Castlight Health

Tasha McVeigh


Lynda Boyden

Two Rivers Soccer Camp

Carol Lerdal

Dr. Emily Bergsland

Cary Fulbright

Chris Greene

Richard Manso

Michael Grisso

Dina To