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5 Tips to get the most out of your at home workouts

As our gyms slowly and safely reactivate (learn more here) many of us are taking full advantage of working out at home. Whatever your comfort level, and whatever access you have to a gym, we have you covered. Fortunately, our shelter-in-place guidelines allowed us to create a digital workout platform that provides access to working out at home for all. We ensure everyone gets the most out of our programs through multiple platforms- television, online videos, and in-person workouts at branch locations. For those of us working out at home, there are some things Tips and Tricks our staff want you to remember. 

1. Remove The Distractions!  

Sometimes home can remind us that there's always something else you would rather be doing. Common distractions can include your phone, your partner(s) and kid(s), waiting on your meal to be finished, and even that episode you are watching while you work out. Focus is key, and your body deserves it.


(Being close to the couch is our frenemy during workouts!)

2. Make A Plan

Sometimes setting up a schedule, setting an obtainable goal, and find the tools or equipment you may need is the best tip for maintaining at home workouts. Setting these goals and monitoring them is a great incentive to continue on course. You may even want to see what other equipment people are using to help them stretch and support for their workouts. Some useful at home equipment includes foam blocks, yoga mat, resistance bands, and maybe even a step.  

(Yoga socks are extremely helpful!) 

3. Create a “Workout Space”

Some people have a hard time finding the motivation to exercise at home because of the space they are using. Create a space you would like to workout in. Having a space in a backroom, outside, or even office is helpful. If you are fortunate to dedicate a room to workout, that is great, but for many having a mat in a certain part of a room has its benefits. Your mind and body will relate this space to the workout. You will be able to concentrate and focus on your body while you are in this area.

(One spot that can be spacious is by my office desk. Remember to turn off those computer notifications!)  

4. Remember Your Form



Our instructors want you to remember to move with care and start slowly if needed. We know you want to beast this in-home workout, but doing it properly is important. The exercises and transitions between repetitions when done correctly will get you there. Doing exercises incorrectly can injure you. You may not do moves as quickly as the instructor. That's okay, you are not the trained instructor! This is not a class where everyone can see you. This is one of the many perks of in-home workouts. Instructors want you to take your time while performing the exercise correctly. Doing a move, step, or transition incorrectly can possibly cause harm. So go back and re-watch the video, or slow it down on youtube.  

5. Follow The Professionals


Final best tip is about our awesome YMCA of San Francisco virtual instructors. Our instructors are the best to follow for more information and guidance on in-home workouts. We also offer a variety of programs that will keep you engaged in maintaining your workout goals.  

Watch any of our YMCA360 Classes while you try these 5 Tips. Let us know how it works for you and what workout spaces you’ve created by tagging us on social media @ysf and using #ymcasf and give a shoutout to one of our favorite VGX staff! We would all love to hear from you.

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