Youth Chance High School is a county community school that is operated through a partnership between the Embarcadero YMCA, San Francisco Unified School District, and the San Francisco Department of Education. 

  • Address: 169 Steuart Street San Francisco, CA 94105
  • Days: Monday - Friday
  • Hours: 9:30AM - 2:20PM

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Our school specializes in working with young people ages 16-19 years old, who have severely fractured relationships to education, academic institutions, and how they see and experience themselves as learners.  

The school recognizes the need to support ‘the whole student’; considering not only a student’s academic needs, but also the bio/psycho/social needs of high school youth.

In the classroom, teachers utilize a trauma informed lens and prioritize the students’ social emotional wellbeing in addition to their academic progress as part of a holistic classroom experience.


Why Youth Chance? 

Youth Chance offers engaging, integrated standards-based instruction designed to meet the individual needs of students in the academic areas of Language Arts, Ethnic Studies, Health, Science, and Life Skills.

All classes are co-taught by a credentialed general education teacher and a special education teacher using engaging and culturally relevant instructional materials and effective alternative education pedagogy.

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Youth Chance works to provide young people an alternative education experience in a community-based setting that is optimized to meet the needs of youth affected by possible dependency and delinquency issues.

Classrooms within the Bayview Hunter’s Point YMCA, Buchanan YMCA, and Embarcadero YMCA support the San Francisco Unified District to deploy a “circle of care” that re-engages truant youth. Every student participates in the creation of their own personalized map to graduation. Tailored to their unique needs, students and families are connected to a wealth of services and supports to facilitate their success along the way.

Learn More About Youth Chance

  • Youth Chance Direct Line: 415-615-1337                         
  • Embarcadero YMCA: 415-957-9622 (ask to speak with Youth Chance)

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Meet Our Staff

Celan Beausoleil, LCSW

Director of Youth Chance High School

About Celan

Celan Beausoleil, LCSW is a San Francisco native who has worked with system-involved youth since 2007.

Our goal is to help youth realize their full potential, in school and in life.

At the Y, youth will experience programs dedicated to enhancing practical and personal skills, at a pace that encourages school attendance, engagement, and confidence.


We have other workforce development opportunities that focus on an individual's ability to grow their skills and develop the tools they need for success.