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Need help starting your own business?

The Social Entrepreneurship Guidance Program (SEGP) is for building innovation, guiding peer leadership and business development for transitional age youth interested in creating their own businesses. The program helps participants develop business plans and guides young entrepreneurs with a series of speakers, competitions, partner site visits, one-on-one counseling, and supportive services.

During the program, students are connected with free website developers and content creators to support their business needs. After completing the program, participants may receive retention services for up to 2 years as well as a stipend to fund their dreams.   

“YMCA Entrepreneur Program helps you really push and challenge yourself. Nobody knows your business like you do, so take that chance, put in the work, and good luck!”

- Kendra Brown, owner of Vanity Vaja in Bayview YMCA’s Social Entrepreneurship Program.

 Why Social Entrepreneurship Guidance Program (SEGP)?

My goal is to just continue improving, learning more about businesses, learning more about what I want to do, and hopefully one day, I can throw a huge, extravagant, big party for the YMCA that everybody can come to.

- Rayshanae Jones

If you’ve walked through the Bayview Hunters Point area, you’ve likely seen a wall with the words 'Dream but don’t sleep... .' That’s exactly what the Entrepreneurship Program at the Bayview YMCA does. It enables people with great ideas to make those dreams a reality. By providing necessary support and guidance, people with the entrepreneurial spirit are able to jump start their businesses.

-  Christine Chen

When I got injured, I didn’t feel like myself, so I wanted to create something to bring that back, as well as put out great products for people who like what I like. I figured I wasn’t going to get back to my normal self if I didn’t try to do the things that I like to do; put on lashes, buy cute girly lip glosses.

- Dejanae Gilliam


Many of these participants hope to own a storefront in the Bayview Hunters Point district in the future. The true success of the Entrepreneurship Program is teaching participants that they can make their dreams come true while strengthening the community as a whole.

Schedule and Eligibility

  • Program Duration: TBD
  • This is a 12-week program.
  • Meets 3 days per week.
  • Classes are virtual at this time.
  • Contact Angela Scott for more information and eligibility requirements.
  • Seats may be limited, but we encourage all to apply.

Meet Our Staff

Angela Scott

Associate Director Of Workforce Development


About Angela

Angela has over eight years of workforce development experience working in nonprofits and as a certified career coach.


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