YKids is a safe place for youth to learn and grow



During this difficult time, we know some families do not have the option to work from home and need childcare. We at the Y understand that you need a reliable organization to support you during these unprecedented times. We are currently offering a Pop-Up YKids program at some select branches. Please email popup2020@ymcasf.org for more information.


At the Richmond District YMCA, strengthening community is our cause. We are an organization that doesn’t just watch youth but we engage with them and their families. 


Monday - Friday: 8:30AM - 12:30PM

Monday - Thursday: 4:30PM - 7:30PM

Saturday & Sunday: 8:30AM - 1:00PM

We are closed some holidays and open for some special events - please check our branch website for upcoming closures and events. Hours subject to change.


• Included under your Household and One Adult Household memberships, the Y offers a child care service for youth ages 8 weeks-12 years old. YKids is a safe place for members to leave their children while they workout. Our caring, CPR & First Aid certified staff ensure a clean and fun environment for you children to play!

• Reservations must be made for infants or all children that are not independently walking. *independently walking: child must walk across length of Y Kids room unassisted and without falling.

• Children do not need to be potty trained, however children who are not 100% potty trained must wear a diaper or pull-up. Staff will change diapers however, when a child is uncomfortable with a staff member changing their diaper we will locate the parent. If your child needs assistance in the bathroom please inform our staff.

• YKids is open for members who are utilizing our facility. Parents must remain in the building at all times while their children are in YKids. 

• Parents leaving the facility: First time Parents will be reminded of the policy, second time Parents will receive a written warning that the next time it happens parents cannot use YKids for 7 days, third time parents will not be allowed to use YKids for 7 days

• Children ages 12 months and independently walking-12 years old may stay in YKids for a maximum of 2 hours per day.

• Children ages 8 weeks-12 months and *independently walking requires a reservation and may stay in YKids for a maximum of 1.5 hours per day.


We’re digitalizing our registration systems to continue to improve our service to your family. The next time you visit Y Kids, you’ll be prompted to register some information-or, you can save time and pre-register.

Register now at https://ymcasf.alaris-us.com

What’s new? With this new system, dropping off and picking up will be digitally recorded, making Y Kids even safer. We’ll be able to connect with you easier when needed- when you drop your child off, you’ll indicate what area of the facility you’re planning to go to. When your child is at Y kids, staff will be able to text message parents through the system with immediate updates when needed. And, emergency info will be digitalized for each child.


Please introduce yourself and your child to staff members on your first visit. Inform staff or any special instructions or concerns you may have

Snacks: We encourage you to provide children with a small healthy snack even if they have already eaten as it provides a valuable transition into the YKids environment. Please remember foods such as hard candy, gum, whole grapes, and nuts are unsafe for small children and are not permitted. YKids is a NUT free zone. No glass containers are allowed.

Shoes: Shoes are required for children with walking ability. No bare feet or stocking feet are allowed.

Belongings: Please label your child’s belongings to prevent confusion.

Diapers and Clothes: Please come prepared with diapers, wipes and a change of clothes. Check your child’s diaper and/or take your child to the bathroom prior to leaving for your workout.


In the interest of your child’s health and safety and the wellbeing of other children, we require the following health standards:

Sick Policy: If a child is noticeably ill the child will not be accepted until he or she is well or no longer contagious. (If you're little ones are too sick to go to daycare or school they are too sick to be in YKid's.)
YKid’s Staff have the authority to ask that you return on another day, or ask you to leave early from YKid’s.

We aim to create a safe and healthy space for those in our program.

From our Youth to Our Staff, We aim to ensure that those who attend are able to enjoy their time in YKid's.

To continue to share fun and memorable experiences and not share the sniffles, sneezes and germs.


Medication Policy: Staff will NOT administer any over the counter medications. Parents may administer medication including sunscreen before dropping child off. 


Exceptions: asthma medication, epi pen, etc. Medication covered under ADA Laws will be administered by staff, provided the medication packaging or label includes child and physician’s name and contact information, proper dosage and parents train staff. 

Please DO NOT bring your children to YKids if they show any signs of the following symptoms: persistent cough, persistent runny nose, diarrhea, fever, pink eye, feeling ill, vomiting, head lice. If your child becomes ill while in YKids, parents will be asked to promptly take their children home. 

Please inform staff immediately if your child contracts a contagious disease (chicken pox, strep throat etc) so that we may inform other parents that their children have been exposed.

Please accept and respect the judgment of our staff in regard to your child’s health. Our goal is to maintain health and safety for all our members. Thank you for your cooperation!



Due to our low ratios and qualified staff, most behavior problems can be alleviated by diverting children’s attention to new activities. Our discipline technique is twofold: 

1. Children will be given a short “time-out” from their activity. 

2. If behavior persists, parents will be asked to remove their children from YKids for the day.

PLEASE NOTE: If a child’s behavior is dangerous to themselves or others, we reserve the right to remove them from YKids immediately. Some children take time to get accustomed to YKids. We are experienced in handling new children and will do all we can to comfort them. We will locate you if your child is inconsolable for 10 minutes.


Some children take time to get accustomed to YKids. This is a normal part of development. Here are some suggestions that may help ease the anxiety for both you and your child:

• Make a few brief visits to YKids with your child to show them around before attending.

• Leave for just a few minutes at first and gradually increase your time away.

• Be sure to leave a snack or bottle. Sometimes a familiar snack really helps.

• Avoid the urge to check in on your child. If we need you we will locate you. If your child is doing well and they see you, they might get upset when you leave.

• Give it time and be consistent. Come at the same time and come regularly. 

• Remember it can take some children several weeks to become accustomed to YKids. This difficult period will pass more quickly if you are persistent.

• Avoid bringing your child when they are hungry or tired.

• Don’t worry! We are experienced in handling new children and will do all we can to help!



Your child may bring toys to the program however, we do not allow toys that have small parts as they pose a choking hazard for small children. We also do not permit violent play so please do not send any toy weapons. The YMCA is not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen toys.



YKids staff are CPR/AED and First Aid certified. All staff are fingerprinted and subjected to a criminal record check. In addition, many of our staff are trained in Early Childhood Education. All staff have had previous experience working with children. In addition, all staff are trained in child abuse prevention and are mandated reporters.



If the alarm sounds in the YMCA we must evacuate the facility. Children will be escorted from the YKids room to the parking lot across the street. We will take the sign-in sheet with us to ensure that all children are picked up by authorized adults. Please do not attempt to remove your child without checking out with a YKids staff member. The safety of your children is our number one concern.



We welcome volunteers in YKids. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact the YKids Coordinator for information and an application. As with our staff, all volunteers are subject to finger printing and a criminal record check and have to complete all mandatory trainings.



YKids Coordinator Andrea Guzman – aguzman@ymcasf.org
Director of Youth and Family Programs 
Sina Szabados – sszabados@ymcasf.org