Luchi has been a certified personal trainer since 2015. Her focus of work includes Triathlon, athletic training, flexibility, mind and body wellness, weight loss, and corrective training. Luchi is also certified in TRX and is a group exercise instructor with a diverse range of expertise: Yoga, Zumba, Cycle, Barre Fitness, and Kettlebells.

Available: In-Person at Chinatown YMCA, and for Virtual Personal Training



Terri began her love of fitness through years of dance training and later, playing sports. As a “people person” she has found joy in helping people achieve their fitness goals and believes in tailoring each client’s workout to meet them where they are. She enjoys working with a variety of ages and fitness levels.

She holds a degree in Physical Education, (dance emphasis), from San Francisco State University, is certified from the National Academy of Sports Medicine, (NASM), TRX certified, and a Zumba Instructor.

Available: In-Person at the Marin YMCA and for Virtual Personal Training



Angela has over 12 years of training experience specializing in weight loss, stress management, muscle re-education, and sports injury prevention. With great enthusiasm, she has helped many of her clients who struggle with obesity, high blood pressure, and diabetes to lose weight and develop healthier habits. She has also worked closely with those who suffer from depression, rheumatoid arthritis, back pain, scoliosis, breast cancer, Parkinson, heart stroke, and post-traumatic stress disorder.



My fitness journey began six years ago and has completely turned my life around ever since. I was able to gain several skills such as confidence, discipline, and perseverance. I specialize in strength training and bodybuilding, but am always eager to expand my knowledge. Fitness has made a significant impact on both my physical and mental health. I want to help others take the first step and get started with their fitness journey. I look forward to working with everyone and hope that fitness changes your lives as it did for me.

Available: In-person at Stonestown Family YMCA 



Scott is an ACE Personal Trainer and Orthopedic Exercise Specialist with 25+ years in Health and Wellness and a former Health & Fitness educator for the Y. His certifications include circuit and functional training, postural conditioning, Pilates mat, and apparatus. Scott evolves workouts with his clients through progressive modifications, corrective exercises (addressing imbalances), and highlighting the importance of flexibility and mobility. He enjoys tailoring programs with new clients, preparing clients for an upcoming adventure (trekking in Patagonia or backcountry skiing the Dolomites), or maintaining and progressing activities from physical therapy.

Available: In-Person at Presidio Community YMCA



Carlos discovered a passion for fitness early on in his native Venezuela when he competed nationally in exercise aerobic competitions. He is a highly motivational instructor and trainer who infuses his sessions with energy and optimism and instills in members the belief that they can accomplish whatever fitness goals they may dream of. He is SCW certified in personal training, active aging nutrition, and aqua exercise. His aqua Zumba classes were famous at the Embarcadero branch for their fantastic music and fun factor while still providing a powerhouse of a workout.Carlos likes to work with all ages and fitness levels, including seniors, and is sensitive to each individual’s needs and aspirations. He is bi-lingual in English and Spanish.

Available: In-person at the Presidio Community YMCA and Embarcadero YMCA



Duy focuses his professional career on helping others improve their physical and mental health by integrating his passion on understanding, practicing, and teaching others the mind and body connection. His main areas of expertise are in strength and cardiovascular training grounded in bodily and mindful awareness. He enjoys collaborating and supporting clients in reaching their fitness and health goals using proper training and behavioral techniques. Duy is currently a doctoral student in Clinical Psychology developing his clinical expertise in integrated health care within hospital settings.

Available: In-person at Presidio Community YMCA and for Virtual Personal Training



Rebecca (she/her), MA, CPT, CGFI, is a very patient and enthusiastic certified trainer. Women have been her core demographic and she loves to help them meet their goals. Rebecca has worked with busy people who want to figure out how to get more fitness into their lives; people who want to lose weight; people who want toned muscles, and people who want her to work with their physical therapists to create combined fitness regimes. As someone with a history of ballet, Pilates, and yoga, she enjoys focusing on posture and proper alignment. Her Master's Degree in Adult Blended Learning helps her to design workouts specific to her client's needs. She can't wait to work with you.

Available: In-person at the Stonestown Family YMCA and for Virtual Personal Training



I am a certified personal trainer through ACSM and a nutrition coach through Precision Nutrition. I also hold a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science from San Francisco State University and have over 10 years of experience working out, which has given me a deep understanding of fitness. I am a firm believer in mobility work, compound exercises, and proper exercise techniques, allowing all my clients to exercise safely and effectively. Most of my free time is spent lifting weights, training on gymnastic rings, practicing martial arts, and gaming. If you want to lose fat, build muscle, improve your performance, or just make fitness a lifelong habit, I’m here to help.

Available: In-Person at Presidio Community YMCA and Stonestown Family YMCA, and Virtual Personal Training



Ever since the age of 5, Azero has been in competitive sports, such as martial arts, swimming, and water polo. Over the later years, he has cultivated an emphasis on bodybuilding. With over 10 years of various forms of training experience, Azero knows how to work with individuals who are starting their fitness journey, putting an emphasis on solid structure of foundations to grow upon. His training programs focus on conditioning, foundations and hypertrophy.

Available: In-Person at Chinatown YMCA



Farah Morshedzadeh started her journey with the YMCA as a member from 1990 and then moved on to being a staff as of August 2001. She works as a Wellness Attendant, Personal Trainer and Group Ex Instructor. Over next 20 years, she has led group ex classes in cancer (LSLW) and Parkinson programs. She has also worked with people with arthritis. She enjoys working at the Y because she gets to meet, socialize and build lasting friendship with great members and staff! She has seen the youth that she trained, grown into beautiful and accomplished adults. Few of them have even come by and said, “Hello!” to her as young professionals! She looks forward to meeting new members and help them reach their goals and learn to enjoy exercising.

- Bachelor of Science in Dietetics, SFSU | Foothill College

- Certified Personal Trainer | Ace Certified Personal

- Trainer | TRX Suspension Certified Trainer

Available: In-Person at YMCA of San Francisco



Cynthia Newman started teaching Group Exercise classes in 1985 and have worked for the YMCA for 37 years. In 2003 she received her Personal Training Certification. Her first Fitness Convention was in Washington D. C. in 1985 and met the recruiting team from the Peninsula Y, funny she used to live right around the corner from the Y. From that time on, she has taught numerous classes: Body Sculpt, Reebok Step, Core Fusion, Kettlebell, Boot Camp, In-terval Cycle/Sculpt, TRX Suspension Training, Barre Above, Functional Fitness, and my favorite Broadway Dance. Motivation, Guidance, and Nutrition, are keys to making your goals a reality. She’s here to guide individuals on that journey. A client once wrote to her: “Thank you”, seems so inadequate a way of expressing all that you have done for me. Thank you for your patience, guidance, and encouragement. I know that I have a way to go but with your help I’m finally on the right path.“

- ACE Certified Personal Trainer

- HSU, Certified Group Ex Instructor

- Hayward State University, Functional Fitness Specialist

- Barre Above Instructor

- TRX Suspension Trainer

- Certified CPR/AED Red Cross

- YMCA Master Trainer/Strength Trainer

Available: In-Person at YMCA of San Francisco



Jasper has been with the Peninsula YMCA for 6 years. He currently works as a Wellness Attendant and Personal Trainer.


His favorite part of working at the YMCA as a trainer is that he get to use his passion to help others reach their fitness goals 

Available: In-Person at YMCA of San Francisco



I gained the interest of fitness at a very young age playing various sports. This interest quickly developed into a passion for understanding human movement and how the body has the ability to change. This passion led me to pursue my BS degree in Kinesiology. My training journey began after Initially coaching family and friends as well as observing how my body had changed after having 2 children. Since then I have been dedicated to training with understanding the most effective and efficient ways of increasing muscle mass and decreasing body fat with new movements that will keep you motivated in reaching your goals. 

Available: In-Person at Presidio Community YMCA and Virtual Personal Training



"I have been a personal trainer since 1985 and graduated with a Bachelors and then Masters in Adult Fitness in 1995. Further education led to countless special seminar classes and certifications with ACSM and NSCA along with many others. As an athlete I competed in triathlon, masters swimming, distance running, Erg racing, and speed hiking Half Dome. My great fortune has been to work with an incredible mix of people from high level athletes, individuals recovering from serious illness and injury, and the regular person looking to improve their fitness level. The simple secret to improving your fitness level is to have good guidance directing you and assistance to help you develop consistency. Are you Ready?"

Available: In-person at Marin YMCA



Amanda is a highly motivated and experienced Personal Trainer and has been in community health and wellness for six years. She is a certified Personal Trainer through the National Personal Training Institute (NPTI), has a Bachelors of Science degree in Nutrition and is currently pursuing her Master of Public Health degree. Proficient on developing a comprehensive health education plan with a focus on nutrition, Amanda is driven to promote health and wellness by providing individual support to meet diverse needs. 

Available: In-Person at Marin



Genny began her career in 2010 as a Zumba group exercise instructor.  Through movement she realized the powerful connection to mind, body and spirit, and became a personal trainer in 2017.  Genny aims to create effective exercise programs that will empower her clients and make a long lasting impact on their well-being   

Available: In-person at the Chinatown YMCA



Max is a certified advanced personal trainer through NPTI. Max currently attends Skyline College. Max is excited to work with different people to help them achieve their fitness goals. Max believes that working out should be enjoyable enough that it becomes something people will look forward to. Max specializes in corrective exercises that help to make daily life easier and pain-free, as well as body recomposition and bodybuilding. Max is always open to answering any questions one might have about nutrition as it relates to fitness, and look forward to getting people started on their fitness journey.

Available: In-person at the Stonestown Family YMCA


CPT, 200-HR RYT 

Denise is passionate about health, wellness, fitness & yoga. Her focus is on building strength, balance, flexibility with functional fitness that utilize body weight exercises, free weights and yoga movements to improve overall health. Her goal is working with the over 50 populations.

She received a certificate in Personal Training and Nutrition in 2007. Denise has been working out in a gym since the early 80’s. She discovered yoga in the 90s and recently got certified as a Vinyasa Yoga Instructor. She currently teaches Gentle & Chair Yoga at 2 senior centers, a Yinyasa class at a yoga studio, Morning Yoga at a resort and is a substitute yoga instructor at YMCA Marin. She holds a BA degree in Psychology & Human Development from Prescott College in AZ.

Available: In-person at the Marin YMCA



Ray Veron is a former professional wrestler turned Certified Personal Trainer for the YMCA with nearly a decade of experience. His workouts are heavily influenced by bootcamp style exercise, High Intensity Interval Training (HIITs) and power lifting. Ray specializes in Kettlebells, Jump Rope, boxing, functional training and strength training. His favorite lift is a Clean n' jerk.Sign- up now and develop raw power, brute strength and explosive energy using kettlebells, medicine balls, battle ropes, TRX, Olympic lifts and much more training with Ray himself!

Available: In-person at the Richmond District YMCA



Deanna is passionate about helping people live happier, healthier lives through physical fitness. She is an A.C.E. certified personal trainer (2012) and holds certifications in TRX, BOSU, Kettlebells, Functional Aging and Yoga. She is dedicated to helping people become stronger, more flexible, and more able by focusing on appropriate exercise selection, proper form, and safety. She specializes in working with active older adults and people with physical challenges.



I first embarked on my fitness journey as a means to fit in and feel more comfortable in my body. As the years progressed, fitness became less of a hobby and more of a lifestyle. The drive to push the physical limits of my body and make crucial lifestyle changes led to the development of my discipline and persistence. I became addicted to witnessing progression and reaping the benefits of my hard work and dedication. My journey in strength and weight training has allowed me to help others embark on their own fitness and wellness goals, whether they are just starting out or need a slight push in the right direction. My vision is to continue to facilitate growth and lifestyle changes in clients and help them find their healthy outlets.

Available: In-person at Stonestown




As a long time athlete, Wendy developed the passion to learn about the human body and human movement. With over 10 years of training experience and a degree in Kinesiology, Wendy knows how to work with individuals with sport specific needs. Her training programs focus on conditioning, flexibility, core, and strength

Available: Virtual Personal Training


CPT, NASM (2000)

Susie is a Master Trainer who draws from over 20 years of training experience successfully coaching and adapting exercise for the widest range of physical needs, ages and abilities. Her work centers around learning new skills, the mastery of motion and development of a mindful movement practice as the basis for sport performance and life. From Presidio Park trail hikes to high intensity MMA inspired cardio fitness to meditative stretch and release, Susie's passion is for creative movement strategies. Regardless of your goal, she offers diversity and versatility to her workouts that is core-centric and integrated in approach. She is a multi-format group exercise instructor and holds a B.A. in Kinesiology (Human Movement) from San Francisco State University as well as, specialization certifications in Corrective Exercise, Sports Performance, Nutrition, Les Mills BODYCOMBAT and TRX Suspension/Rip Trainer.

Available: In-Person at the Presidio Community YMCA and for Virtual Personal Training





Ernie Baton, UCSB Grad. Focus on body composition change through exercise and nutrition, working with athletic individuals and people looking to develop a well-rounded program. Specializes in boxing, kick-boxing, plyometrics, and pre/post-rehab. B.S. Exercise Physiology and Philosophy, ACSM, CPR/AED, Apex Fitness and Gold’s Gym Nutritional Programmer.

Available: In-Person at Embarcadero



Rick holds a BA in Exercise and Sports Science from the University of San Francisco. In He emphasizes balanced nutrition, flexibility, having a strong core, strength for power, injury prevention, and rest for proper recovery. B.A. Exercise and Sports Science, NASM, ACE, CPR/AED.



Kedrick has been a personal trainer for over 13 years and has a B.S. in Health and Physical Education. He has worked with people of all ages and abilities including kindergartners, autistic youth, disabled adults as well as athletic individuals. Presently Kedrick trains clients of varying ages focusing on strength, functional movement and injury prevention. He is passionate about helping people reach their fitness goals, whether it's being able to climb stairs, or climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro.

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