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As a long time athlete, Wendy developed the passion to learn about the human body and human movement. With over 10 years of training experience and a degree in Kinesiology, Wendy knows how to work with individuals with sport specific needs. Her training programs focus on conditioning, flexibility, core, and strength

Available: Virtual Personal Training


CPT, NASM (2000)

Susie is a Master Trainer who draws from over 20 years of training experience successfully coaching and adapting exercise for the widest range of physical needs, ages and abilities. Her work centers around learning new skills, the mastery of motion and development of a mindful movement practice as the basis for sport performance and life. From Presidio Park trail hikes to high intensity MMA inspired cardio fitness to meditative stretch and release, Susie's passion is for creative movement strategies. Regardless of your goal, she offers diversity and versatility to her workouts that is core-centric and integrated in approach. She is a multi-format group exercise instructor and holds a B.A. in Kinesiology (Human Movement) from San Francisco State University as well as, specialization certifications in Corrective Exercise, Sports Performance, Nutrition, Les Mills BODYCOMBAT and TRX Suspension/Rip Trainer.

Available: In-Person at the Presidio Community YMCA and for Virtual Personal Training





Ernie Baton, UCSB Grad. Focus on body composition change through exercise and nutrition, working with athletic individuals and people looking to develop a well-rounded program. Specializes in boxing, kick-boxing, plyometrics, and pre/post-rehab. B.S. Exercise Physiology and Philosophy, ACSM, CPR/AED, Apex Fitness and Gold’s Gym Nutritional Programmer.

Available: In-Person at Embarcadero




Angela has over 10 years of experience specializing in weight loss, stress management, and sports injury prevention. Her aspirations working with members is to motivate, inspire, and educate the community in adapting and nurturing a healthy lifestyle.

Available: Virtual Personal Training



As a person who has been around different kinds of sports since a very young age, Randy has a passion for strength and conditioning. Randy graduated from San Francisco State University with a Biochemistry degree and is looking to further his career in Tech. His main areas of expertise are with the use of dumbbells, barbells, body weight movements, machine battle ropes and speed ladders. He is an advocate in implementing the big three compound movements.

Available: In-person at the Presidio Community YMCA



Deanna’s passion for fitness was ignited when she realized that engaging in exercise, be it dance, yoga, or strength training, made her feel much healthier not only physically, but mentally, and emotionally as well. It is Deanna’s mission to share this realization with others. Deanna has been a fitness instructor since 2008 and a certified personal trainer since 2012. She dedicates her professional life to helping people become stronger, more flexible, more confident, and more able by focusing on appropriate exercise selection, proper form, and safety.

Available: In-person at the Embarcadero YMCA and for Virtual Personal Training



Karly is committed to partnering with and supporting clients in setting and reaching their health and fitness goals. Karly holds a B.A from UC Berkeley, an A.A. in Health and Kinesiology, and an A.S. in Dietetic Technology. In addition to providing one-on-one and group fitness services, she is dedicated to making our community healthier by increasing accessibility to services and resources, providing wellness education and support, and otherwise empowering families and individuals to live their healthiest life.

Available: In-person at the  Marin YMCA and for Virtual Personal Training



Luchi has been a certified personal trainer since 2015. Her focus of work includes Triathlon, athletic training, flexibility, mind and body wellness, weight loss, and corrective training. Luchi is also certified in TRX and is a group exercise instructor with a diverse range of expertise: Yoga, Zumba, Cycle, Barre Fitness, and Kettlebells.

Available: In-Person at the Stonestown Family YMCA and the Presidio Community YMCA, and for Virtual Personal Training



Terri began her love of fitness through years of dance training and later, playing sports. As a “people person” she has found joy in helping people achieve their fitness goals and believes in tailoring each client’s workout to meet them where they are. She enjoys working with a variety of ages and fitness levels.

She holds a degree in Physical Education, (dance emphasis), from San Francisco State University, is certified from the National Academy of Sports Medicine, (NASM), TRX certified, and a Zumba Instructor.

Available: In-Person at the Marin YMCA and for Virtual Personal Training



I am a well-rounded athlete competing in various sports such as volleyball, basketball, paddling and powerlifting. I am a national dragon boat paddler and a competitive powerlifter. I am currently attending San Diego State University, majoring in Pre-Physical Therapy. I am constantly looking to helping other achieve their goals whether big or small. I have a specialty in strength building, mobility work/movements, and weight loss. 

Available: In-person at the Stonestown Family YMCA




A Bay Area native, I focus on exercises that support functional movement and activities of daily living so that you can easily build your foundational fitness and achieve long term success. I have training in adaptive fitness, assisting seniors & adults, and supporting individuals living with chronic pain or in various stages of a physical health recovery. I am a graduate of Cal State East Bay with a B.S. in Recreation Management. My certifications include NCSF Certified Personal Trainer, ACE Functional Training Specialist, Certified Mat Pilates and Zumba Instructor, CPR/AED/First Aid.

Available: In-person at the Stonestown Family YMCA and the Chinatown YMCA, and for Virtual Personal Training



Scott has 20+ years in Health and Wellness, and is an ACE certified Personal Trainer, Wellness Specialist, and a former Healthy Lifestyle educator for the Y. His certifications include circuit and functional training, postural conditioning, Pilates mat and apparatus, and the Y’s Enhance Fitness for senior health. Scott wants his clients to have fun, explore new training methods and feel confident they can achieve their goals. He evolves workouts with his clients through progressive modifications, corrective exercises (to focus on imbalances) and highlighting the importance of flexibility and recovery.

Available: In-Person at Presidio YMCA



Carlos discovered a passion for fitness early on in his native Venezuela when he competed nationally in exercise aerobic competitions. He is a highly motivational instructor and trainer who infuses his sessions with energy and optimism and instills in members the belief that they can accomplish whatever fitness goals they may dream of. He is SCW certified in personal training, active aging nutrition, and aqua exercise. His aqua Zumba classes were famous at the Embarcadero branch for their fantastic music and fun factor while still providing a powerhouse of a workout.Carlos likes to work with all ages and fitness levels, including seniors, and is sensitive to each individual’s needs and aspirations. He is bi-lingual in English and Spanish.

Available: In-person at the Presidio Community YMCA and Embarcadero YMCA



Moana has over 20 years of experience in fitness including yoga, weight training, and Pilates. She is especially interested in the positive impact of exercise on her clients’ total well being. Moana provides a total body workout that incorporates principles such as concentration, precision and proper alignment into a program that can be applied to all forms of movement, exercise, and everyday activity. M.S. in Counseling, SFSU, Ellie Herman Pilates Studio Certification, ACE, and CPR/AED.

Available: In-Person at Embarcadero and Virtual Personal Training



As a sports and exercise enthusiast, Jacky is a firm believer of incorporating movement science as a stress relieving and wellness achieving tactic. He graduated from San Jose State University with a Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology with the emphasis in movement science. Jacky has aspirations to pursue a career in physical therapy. HIs training style emphasizes strength, flexibility, functional movement, and rehabilitation techniques so that all his clients can live and move freely and confidently. Motivation and enjoyment are two key factors for successful training, and Jacky sets this standard in his training.

Available: In-person at the Presidio Community YMCA



I love to work with people. After my professional basketball career, I started to work with a variety of ages to help them achieve their personal, physical, health and wellness goals. I have that next level experience that a select few achieve. I am responsible, dedicated and a motivator. My motto is transformation through training. I approach fitness as a lifelong behavior modification where we have continuous improvement. I define sessions as simple, challenging, and efficient with an emphasis on proper form and mobility.

Available: In-person at Stonestown and Embarcadero




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