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Pee Wee Sports

Our Pee Wee sports programs aim to empower every child to be confident and caring through the interconnected nature of team sports. Children will learn the basic skills of the sport with an emphasis on coordination, socialization, teamwork, and sportsmanship all in an encouraging environment. Join us today and give your child a positive experience full of new friends and endless possibilities. Our Pee Wee sports programs consist of once a week practices only, no competitive games.

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Basketball Clinics

In our basketball clinics, youth will learn the skills and knowledge needed to improve their game. Players will participate in drills and games to grow and develop confidence and teamwork.

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Soccer Leagues

Love soccer? Come kick it with us! Our Youth Soccer leagues are held in the Spring and Fall. 

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Youth Baseball

Get into the swing of Youth Baseball! This new program will allow players to learn the positions, techniques and more about baseball. Youth will develop teamwork and confidence throughout the season. 

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Youth Basketball League

Be a part of the team! Our youth basketball program aims to strengthen character in our youth, engage families, and build lasting relationships through the interconnected nature of team sports. At the Stonestown Family YMCA, participants develop all their skills, from dribbling, passing, catching, shooting, teamwork, sportsmanship, and knowledge of the game.

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Tae Kwon Do

Build your confidence, personal discipline, muscle strength, and self-respect.

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Youth Ballet

Let your child discover the joy of dance with ballet! Students will learn how to move in new ways, interact with peers, and express themselves with instructor Lisa Stevens.


Stonestown Annex - Peterson Room


Comfortable clothing recommended.

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