Model United Nations


Program Overview

California YMCA Youth & Government has offered the Model United Nations (MUN) program to middle school students throughout the state since 2001. Middle school students (delegates) participate in the program with their peers. They are given the opportunity to discuss international issues, discover other cultures, develop life-enhancing skills, and make new friends. The four-month program culminates when delegates from around the state meet at the annual Model United Nations Summit in Los Angeles, California.

Program timeline - December through May

Weekly Meetings

Students participate in the program through their local delegations. Within these delegations, delegates research, debate and establish policies, treaties, and resolutions. Their main focuses are international issues, including disputes between countries, peacekeeping efforts, border crisis, stabilizing financial markets and dealing with hunger, disease, and poverty.

Delegation Locations 

  • Gateway Middle School
  • San Francisco Day School
  • Buchanan YMCA - Teen Center

Training Conference & Summit

The MUN Training Conference takes place in late March at Camp Roberts, a National Guard Base just north of Paso Robles, California. This conference serves as participant’s introduction to the statewide MUN and is a unique learning experience. The Model United Nations Summit is a four- day conference held in early May in Los Angeles, California and serves as the culmination of the program.

Conference Overview

The Training Conference curriculum includes a thorough orientation of the overall program and its program areas, as well as workshops that focus on culture acceptance, public speaking, and leadership skills. Delegates also receive an introduction to the staff, role training, and a chance to meet program participants from other across the state.

Once at the Summit, ambassadors take on the roles of their country’s UN representatives, committee chairs, and presiding officers. They get to put their research and newfound knowledge to work as they perform their roles and explore how the United Nations is run. In this unique experience, they deal with international issues that affect our world. The program is designed to appeal to the interest of anyone wishing to learn more about the way that the United Nations works.

Program Organs 

  • Security Council
  • International Court of Justice
  • General Assembly 
  • Economic and Social Council
  • International Press Corps
  • Non-Governmental Organizations


Trainings & Elections (BOB)

March 23-25 2018

Camp Roberts National Guard Base

MUN Summit 

April 26-29 2018

Sheraton Gateway Los Angeles



Registration will open November 2017



Nancy Hernandez

Leadership for Gateway Middle School, Model UN, and Youth & Government. Nancy works hard to provide opportunity and encouragement to the Teens of the Western Addition/Fillmore District. Her work at the Buchanan YMCA consists of Civic Engagement, Middle School Afterschool, and Workforce Development programming.