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Masks will be optional in select areas within the Stonestown Family YMCA ​beginning Monday, October 25. Proof of vaccination is required for members visiting any YMCA facility in San Francisco, San Mateo and Marin country.

What to Know Before Your Visit

Mask Policy

When you visit the branch, you’ll notice color-coded signs throughout the facility that indicate whether masks are optional or required in that space.

Masks Required Areas

  • Lobby/Front Desk
  • Hallways
  • Locker Rooms
  • Restrooms
  • Pool Deck
  • Offices
  • Stairways
  • Elevator
  • Annex - Teen Center
  • Annex - Lobby/Hallway
  • Annex - Restrooms
  • Annex - Kitchen

Masks Optional Areas

  • Showers
  • Indoor Group Exercise Studios
  • Outdoor Group Exercise
  • Wellness Floors
  • Basketball Gymnasium
  • Hot Tub
  • Sauna/Steam Room
  • Outdoor Space
  • Annex - Social Hall
  • Annex - Peterson Room
  • Annex - Pracht Room

Group Exercise

  • Reserve classes starting 2 days in advance for all group exercise classes requiring a reservation.
  • Are you new to class? Not sure what equipment to use? Introduce yourself to the instructor at the beginning of class.
  • Be on time to class. Observe the YMCA’s 10-minute rule, instructors may decline participation if the class is too full and/or too far along for your safety.
  • Be respectful of others’ personal space; classes are group activities.
  • Please wait for participants to finish class, clean up and exit the studio before entering for the next class.
  • Wipe down and return equipment to its proper place.

Wellness Floor

  • Wear appropriate workout clothing. Jeans are not allowed.
  • Wear closed-toe athletic shoes.
  • Cell phone/tablet use: Please limit conversations to the lobby. Photo/videography is not allowed.
  • Wipe down equipment after each use. Disinfectant wipes are available from dispensers.
  • Bring water in closed containers. Food is limited to the lobby.
  • Replace/Rack weights and other fitness equipment after use.
  • Allow others to work-in/ share strength equipment between sets.
  • Indoor Cardio and Strength Equipment usage is reservation-free (walk-up only), and must occur during scheduled operating hours.
  • We request that you limit your time to 30 minutes on cardio equipment to allow access all members seeking to use it.

Lap Swimming and Pool Activities

  • No towels will be available. You are encouraged to bring your own.
  • Please check with your branch regarding lap swim rules & etiquette.
  • State Health Laws:
    • Every person must shower before entering the pool, sauna, or spa. Limit to 2 minutes.
    • No person with open wounds or communicable diseases are allowed in the pool or spa.
  • For your safety, please:
    • Obey rules set by lifeguard. Walk, don’t run.
    • Refrain from pushing or rough play.
    • Wear bathing suits and shower shoes only.
    • Please no undergarments, thongs or street clothes.
    • Do not eat, drink, or chew gum in the aquatic environment.
    • Do not spit in or around the pool area.
    • Only use plastic containers.
    • Refrain from cell phone/camera/video use.
    • Lifeguards have the right to swim test all bathers.
    • Max capacity per lane is 4 persons.

Proof of Vaccination

Please show one of the following at the front desk:
  • Original, copy or picture of your CDC vaccination card or similar documentation issued by a foreign governmental jurisdiction
  • Personal Digital COVID-19 Vaccine Record issued by the State of California or by an approved private company. You can access your State of California vaccine record by visiting myvaccinerecord.cdph.ca.gov
  • Documentation from a healthcare provider

Health & Safety

The safety and wellbeing of our members and staff are at the forefront of our planning. We have new protocols in place that you should know about before arriving for your visit.

Please read the following safety protocols and the behaviors/actions we expect of members visiting the Y.

Member/Staff Protocols

  • Towels will not be provided at this time
  • Windows will remain open so dress appropriately to match your personal comfort
  • Plexiglass barriers at membership desk
  • Members must wipe all equipment before and after each use i.e. anything that you touch
  • Basketball gym is a shared space for adult basketball, group exercise classes, sports, and other fitness activities.
  • Water fountains are able to be fully used.

Cleaning Protocols

  • Enhanced cleaning protocols with approved disinfectant
  • Mandatory janitorial and program staff training – proper disinfecting procedures
  • Disposable disinfectant gym wipes provided for members to clean equipment before/after use
  • Daily disinfectant fogging of equipment / high-touch areas and unhindered fresh air circulation
  • Weekly disinfectant fogging of the entire facility


Youth Wellness Guidelines

We ask that parents/guardians and their child(ren) read and follow the guidelines below.

Y-Kids/Child Watch is currently unavailable. This webpage will reflect when Y-Kids/Child Watch becomes available.

All youth must wear a face covering while at the Y.


  • Are not permitted in YMCA facilities unless registered for a specific supervised Youth Program.
  • May attend recreation swim in the pool when accompanied by a parent or guardian 


  • Must show proof of vaccination
  • Must use the same area of the facility as their parent/guardian, and 
    • Strength: Cable Machines, Leg Press, Seated Row 
    • Free Weights: Only when supervised by a YMCA Personal Trainer 
    • May attend Group Exercise Classes that do not require equipment, and only when accompanied by their parent/guardian*
    • May use the only the following fitness equipment, and only when accompanied by their parent/guardian: 
      • Cardio: Stationary Bicycle, Treadmill, Handcrank 
  • Unvaccinated youth are allowed in the pool and may access the pool via common areas and appropriate locker rooms with a mask on


Note: Youth aged 13 and older may have a Teen membership on their own, requiring a parent/guardian signature upon activation. Parent/guardians do not need to be in the facility at the same time as Teen members. 

  • Must show proof of vaccination
  • May use  the following fitness equipment: 
    • Cardio: Bike, Treadmill, Hand Crank, AMT, Elliptical, Rowing Machine 
    • Strength: Cable Machine, All strength machines 
    • Free weights: With a personal trainer or after a specific free-weight orientation 
    • May attend all Group Exercise Classes, unless otherwise specified on the Class Description
  • Unvaccinated youth are allowed in the pool and may access the pool via common areas and appropriate locker rooms with a mask on


  • Must show proof of vaccination
  • May use all fitness equipment 
  • May attend all Group Exercise Classes, unless otherwise specified on the Class Description 
  • Unvaccinated youth are allowed in the pool and may access the pool via common areas and appropriate locker rooms with a mask on

Youth Guidelines for Pool Use


Green Band Swim Test (for youth in water armpit depth or higher) - 50 yard swim of any stroke without stopping or assistance, and treading water for 1 minute.


Are not permitted in YMCA facilities unless registered for a specific Youth Program or are participating with an adult in their Household during reserved Recreation/Household swim times.


The child must pass a swim test before permitted to swim autonomously and without a PFD during Recreation/Household swim. Parent/Guardian must be in the pool if the child does not pass the swim test.