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What to Expect

Indoor Cardio and Strength

  • Indoor Cardio and Strength Equipment usage is reservation-free (walk-up only), and must occur during scheduled operating hours. 
  • We request that you limit your time to 30 minutes on cardio equipment and 30 minutes on strength equipment to allow access all members seeking to use it.
  • The pool is closed due to County mandate.
  • Group Exercise classes are held indoors and outdoors, and advanced reservations are recommended.
  • Straps, yoga mats and other porous equipment is not available.
  • Maximum capacity for indoor wellness is 10%, and is subject to room capacity.
  • No reservations are required for indoor cardio and strength equipment.
  • You are permitted to use more than 1 piece of cardio or strength equipment during your visit.  All equipment must be cleaned before and after use.
  • Showers are not available. 
  • Please maintain a minimum of 6 ft of physical distance from people exercising at all times.

Lap Swimming and Pool Activities 

  • Youth 6-17 years old who are participating in lap swim must lap swim and pass swim test (see youth guidelines below).
  • After your 50 minute reservation ends, you will have 10 minutes to change and exit the building.
  • You are permitted to use your lap lane in the pool only during your reserved time.
  • Pool equipment such as pull-buoys and kickboards will not be provided. You are encouraged to bring your own.
  • Maximum capacity for pools is based on the number of lanes.
  • Lap Lane availability and usage will be determined by pool set-up.
  • No towels will be available. You are encouraged to bring your own.
  • Depending on the branch, you may be asked to follow a distinct flow of traffic. You may also be asked to enter/exit at different points.
  • All swimmers must rinse off before entering the pool. This will be enforced by staff.
  • Please enter, exit, and rest at the designated point of your lane.
  • Please maintain 6 ft of physical distancing at all times.
  • Face mask/covering required in the facility and on deck until entering the pool.

Outdoor Group Exercise

  • All group exercise class sizes will allow for 6 ft physical distancing. Please register in advance to guarantee your spot. You can find our schedule here.
  • If you are new to our registration system, please follow these instructions.
  • Social distancing and face mask/covering required.

The safety and wellbeing of our members and staff are at the forefront of our planning. We have new protocols in place that you should know about before arriving for your visit to this branch.



Youth Wellness Guidelines

Y-Kids/Child Watch is currently unavailable. This webpage will reflect when Y-Kids/Child Watch becomes available. 

Youth must wear a face covering.

We ask that parent/guardians and their youth read and follow the guidelines below:


  • Are not permitted in YMCA facilities unless registered for a specific supervised Youth Program.


  • Must use the same area of the facility as their parent/guardian, and 
    • May use the only the following fitness equipment, and only when accompanied by their parent/guardian: 
    • Cardio: Stationary Bicycle, Treadmill, Handcrank 
    • Strength: Cable Machines, Leg Press, Seated Row 
    • Free Weights: Only when supervised by a YMCA Personal Trainer 
    • May attend Group Exercise Classes that do not require equipment, and only when accompanied by their parent/guardian*
    • Must reserve their own space in a Group Exercise Class at the same time as their parent/guardian*  


Note: Youth aged 13 and older may have a Teen membership on their own, requiring a parent/guardian signature upon activation. Parent/guardians do not need to be in the facility at the same time as Teen members.

  • May use  the following fitness equipment: 
    • Cardio: Bike, Treadmill, Hand Crank, AMT, Elliptical, Rowing Machine 
    • Strength: Cable Machine, All strength machines 
    • Free weights: With a personal trainer or after a specific free-weight orientation 
    • May attend all Group Exercise Classes, unless otherwise specified on the Class Description
    • Must reserve their space in their Group Exercise class


  • May use all fitness equipment 
  • May attend all Group Exercise Classes, unless otherwise specified on the Class Description 
  • Must reserve their own space in a Group Exercise Class