Andrew Ward

Senior Executive Director

Marin YMCA

(415) 446-2101

Andrew, MDiv, is committed to an integrative approach to developing others who develop others.  The movement from personal growth to communal growth motivates him to lead the Marin YMCA in it’s efforts to facilitate health and wellbeing and character formation with the youth, families, individuals, and elders in the county he grew up in.  

Torrey Kelly

Associate Executive Director of Youth & Community

Marin YMCA

(415) 446-2148

Torrey is passionate about her role as Director of Youth Development.  Torrey loves serving the community she grew up in by providing safe and enriching programs for youth to grow, play, and learn!

Karly Newman

Associate Executive Director of Healthy Living and Social Responsibility

Marin YMCA

(415) 446-2113

Karly is committed to making our community healthier by increasing accessibility to services and resources, providing education around wellness and otherwise empowering families and individuals to live their healthiest life.

Jordan James

Senior Director of Youth Development

Marin YMCA

(415) 446-2134

Jordan strives to coach and develop strong staff teams to provide safe, enriching, and high quality programs to youth in Marin County.

Marissa Williams

Director of Community Programs

Marin YMCA

(415) 446-2140

Marissa strives to create a sense of belonging and community in our YMCA youth programs. Marissa is passionate about providing quality programming that promotes a safe and fun environment where the youth can engage and grow.  

Megan Turrell

Aquatics Director

Marin YMCA

(415) 446-2132

Megan has been around the pool her entire life and is grateful to teach children of all ages that the pool is fun. She has been working at the Y for 4 years and now leads the Aquatics Department.

Kate Riddle

Director of Youth Development

Marin YMCA

Kate is passionate about her role as Director of Youth Development. She loves working with her Marin Youth Development Team to provide safe and enriching programs for youth to learn, grow, and discover the world around them!

Board Members 

Jason Lau, PH.D., CPRE

Assistant Vice Provost for Student Life Finance and Administration

Santa Clara University

Maria Aguila

Board Chair

Novato Unified School District Board

Ross Guehring

Town Hall Public Affairs

Joel Jutovsky

Community Volunteer


Stephanie Kloos

Executive Director of Elementary Education

San Rafael City Schools

Carrie Parks

Customer Success Manager


Brad Rogerson

Hanson Bridgett, LLP

Woodford Rowland


Law Offices of Woodford G. Rowland

Barbara Snekkevik


Nicasio Elementary School

Tim Sullivan

Retired Educator

Avard Walker III