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Outdoor Group Exercise

Ease safely back into the gym 

Outdoor In-Person Group Exercise Classes and Individual Circuit Training are now available at select facilities. We've worked diligently to ensure a safe exercise experience for our members. Our group exercise classes are led by qualified, dedicated instructors with a passion for healthy living. We look forward to seeing you! 

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Virtual Group Exercise

Connect to a healthy online community

With over 40 group exercises classes every week, you'll find the classes and instructors you love available for you at home. Our group exercise classes are led by qualified, dedicated instructors with a passion for healthy living. From yoga and Pilates to TRX and circuit training, get connected to our growing online community. 

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Family and Educational Support

We've got your family covered

Wether it's enrichment classes, small outdoor camps, or child watch, we have a program for your family. We offer flexible services that keep your children safe, excited, and engaged for the school year. 

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Community Services

Building a thriving community

Our goal is to provide communities with essential services they need to build a better future. These services provide educational assistance, food, home security, workforce development, and more! Learn more about what we do, and help us change the world. 

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Virtual Group Exercise Classes

Access our live group exercise classes from anywhere. We teach real classes for real people, focusing on your optimal health. From spirit, mind and body classes such as yoga and tai chi, to high-intensity cardio and strength training such as boot camp and sports performance, we've got something for every body and every age. 


Miss that gym energy?!

We miss getting fit with our folks indoors too! In the meantime, we offer members a variety of classes outdoors and in small groups to get us back on track to wellness. Your safety is our priority, and we follow county and state guidelines that provide members with smaller classes in size and spread outdoors throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. You want tennis? You got it! Hula? We have that too! Get back into shape with your friends and favorite instructors once again. Feel the synergy we've all missed that keeps us on track for a healthy lifestyle. Our Y's are here to support your mind, body and spirit as we all rediscover new healthy and safe ways to continue our fitness journey.  


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Membership for All

We offer sliding scale pricing on all memberships and programs to help you on your path to wellness. As a charitable organization, our mission is your health.  Applying for financial assistance is easy—just let us know a little about you and we’ll get back to you in a day or two. 


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Members Say...

"Y staff went out of their way to make me feel comfortable and excited to work out. I love the way the Richmond Y brings our community together... you always remember my name when I come in to work out!" 

“I recently decided that the best way to stop living under the cloud of diabetes was to actively do something to prevent it, so I joined the Y’s Diabetes Prevention Program. It taught me that I have the ability to take charge of my health.” 

Experiencing the team camaraderie of the Y Running Club encouraged me to run my first half marathon - 13.1 miles. The race was tough. What helped me power through was my excitement over the fact that I was healthy enough to move! I will never forget the look of joy on my teammates’ faces as I crossed the finish line.

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Learning in the Fall

With schools announcing distance learning for the fall, the Y is partnering with local school districts to offer morning, afternoon and full-day in-person academic and enrichment support at locations across the Bay Area.