A Healthy Workplace Starts with YOU!

At the Y, we believe staff are our greatest asset and we want you to thrive. We offer:

Health promotion activities

We want to make the healthy choice the easy choice for you, and for you to walk away from the Y healthier than when you came. We offer health promotion activities such as wellness coaching, healthy lifestyle programs, medical screenings and on-site fitness classes.

Supportive Environments

Our environments encourage wellness through policies and organizational-wide priorities, such as asking that 60-minute meetings include a wellness break to get you up and moving.

In 2017, the Y of San Francisco ranked top 20 Healthiest Employers in the Bay Area

Employee Perks

Working at the Y means some great wellness benefits, as health and wellbeing is what we're all about!

Full Facility Usage


Year-round access to 35 Bay Area YMCAs with unlimited wellness support.

Retirement Savings


Savings and matching plans available with compound interest rates that'll knock your socks off! 

Commuter Discounts


Commuter and parking passes to save cash while getting to work.

Employee Assistance


Free, 24-hour access to confidential counseling, legal services and financial advice.


Healthy Staff Means Healthy Kids

Our vision is that the healthiest kids in America live here in the Bay Area and we can't get there without a happy and healthy Y staff. That's why our strategic plan calls for us to support and encourage our employees to develop healthy habits and lead more balanced and healthy lives, as individuals and as families.

12 Days of Fit-Mas Challenge


The Be Well at Work team surveyed staff throughout the association and learned that, more than anything, staff want support to be physically active.

In response, we are bringing you the 12 DAYS OF FIT-MAS CHALLENGE, designed to help you be active twelve or more days in the month of December.

Check back next month to print your tracking card!

In Their Words

Staff from across the Y share their wellness stories.

Stress Less

I appreciate that the Y promotes wellness challenges that help me and other Y staff step back and take a look at how we work. The Stress Less Challenge helped me hang with co-workers in out of the box ways and prompted me to leave work at work so I can enjoy life outside of work too.

Be Intentional

As Chief Operating Officer, I encourage staff to be intentional with their time, their words and actions; with intention we develop self-awareness and that helps us show up at our best. I also encourage supervisors to appreciate how their staff operate best and ask them to accommodate when possible.

Find Balance

Fit Tip Tuesday helps me pause during the week and ultimately assists me in making healthy choices. I'm also encouraged to take time and space to focus on my mental and physical health throughout the day.

Join the Movement

Support Be Well at Work by becoming a Wellness Champion at your Y. 

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