Together with our community and partnerships, the Y of San Francisco is investing in a new facility that re-envisions Building 49 in the Dogpatch at Crane Cove. 

Our vision creates a bridge between two sides of the park that reconnects various communities. From Mission Bay to Bayview-Hunters Point and the San Francisco Bay waters. This facility is positioned to expand opportunities for our communities to achieve physical and mental wellness, environmental stewardship, and economic success through our community-focused programming.

Crane Cove Park has quickly become a central hub of the Dogpatch neighborhood. With the combined energy generated by Chase Center, Pier 70,  the Power Station, and the tangential opportunities for small businesses, Crane Cove is the newest area for creative urban development. We believe our Dogpatch Y at Crane Cove will encourage excitement, innovation, and collective energy in to our vibrant and growing D10 community.

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Community Impact

Guided by our holistic approach to community-centered solutions, we ensure that people who have historically been impacted by structural inequality will have access and a voice in this project through culturally, linguistically, and gender-responsive practices.

We envision a gathering point for neighbors from Dogpatch, Potrero, Bayview-Hunters Point, Visitacion Valley, and Mission Bay. By leveraging the passion and expertise of Dogpatch Paddle, the YMCA will provide opportunities for San Francisco youth to take part in enjoying, and protecting, the waterfront. Foundational to our approach is our belief in community-center solutions, and the value we place on community dialogue. Through culturally, linguistically, and gender-responsive practices, we ensure that this space will build healthy, sustainable and equitable communities for all generations AND generations to come!

Community Meetings Schedule: TBD

Insiders Look

  • Our construction phases will last into 2024. 
  • Our health and wellness programs will start TBD


Construction Site Visual Updates:

Crane Cove FAQ's

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Dogpatch Paddle

Dogpatch Paddle Club offers wellness and environmental programs.

Daily Driver

Daily Driver provides sustainable and healthy food for the community. 

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Find out more about changes to facility layout through our blueprints [click here]

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