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From Work to Work It

Stress is Serious

More than 56% of American adults say they know when they are feeling stressed, but only about half of them (26%) say they're doing a good or fairly good job at managing or preventing it (American Heart Association, 2017).  See this list of common stressors.


Workplace Stress

More than 1/3 of American workers experience chronic work stress. 

Women, LGBT communities, and adults with disabilities report higher average stress levels; and are more likely to report high stress than their counterparts.

Data also reveals that younger generations experience more stress, on average, than their mature peers (APA, 2015).


Finding the Time

One of the biggest barriers to regular physical activity is time. "It's tough to find an hour every day to be active. With a full work-day, hour-long commute, dinner and family time, it's nearly impossible to find the time." -YMCA staff


From Work to Work It

The great news is that with just 20 minutes minimum of movement daily, you can greatly reduce chronic disease risk, maintain weight and reduce stress (CDC, 2015).


Find Something That Works for You

Modern life has us sitting in cars, on couches and in front of computers, and it has left many of us hunched over and in constant pain. When you are inactive metabolism slows down, joints and muscles lose flexibility, the neck and upper spine protrude forward, and the oxygen transport to the cells becomes less robust and efficient. Take a look at some low and high impact workouts you can start right now to go from work to work it:

Try yoga classes to loosen your joints and relieve daily stress.

Play a game of pick-up basketball.

Swim laps or try water walking.

Have you tried intervals, circuits and supersets?


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