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Get focused support at the Y

Training Types

Are you looking to add variety to your training routine? Read on to learn more about different training types and their benefits. 


Intervals mix periods of work with periods of rest. The work-to-rest periods are termed “ratios” and vary depending on the length of the workout and how much time you have. Intervals:

  • Improve athletic performance and can help with weight loss
  • Increase cardiovascular endurance
  • Are versatile: they can be done with most types of workouts



Circuits blend aerobic conditioning with resistance training. If you’ve attended a boot-camp style class, then you’re familiar with circuit training. Circuits:

  • Bring variety to your existing workout
  • Emphasize “stations” and work a specific muscle group at a specific time
  • Use props, like dumbbells, resistance bands, and medicine balls



Supersets help build muscle mass and endurance by increasing workout “volume” (or total work). Supersets combine two different exercises back to back before a period of rest. They:

  • Usually target opposing muscle groups
  • Achieve a larger number of exercises in a shorter period of time
  • Focus on total “load” (or amount of weight) in a given workout

How do I choose?

At the Y, you are not alone.

Our experienced team of Wellness Coaches give focused support to meet your training needs.  They'll help you identify your activity goals, create a plan of action, and offer a friendly face of accountability to check-in with at each visit.  

When I was a Wellness Coach at the Marin YMCA, one of my favorite parts of the job was checking in with members who had set goals with me in the past. I always look forward to hearing how members are doing and what new vision they have set for themselves. This can be you, too. Make a wellness appointment today! 


Join the Y and get:

  • Unlimited wellness support
  • Access to 35 facility locations across the Bay Area
  • Hundreds of group exercise classes each week
  • 25 indoor swimming pools
  • Miles of outdoor hiking space
  • A diverse and inclusive community

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*Always consult your doctor before beginning new exercise.