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Connecting Staff to a Greater Movement

​I would not be working with the Y today if it was not for my early engagement in our staff development outlets.

Through my experience in our employee resource group spaces, I have gained leadership skills, personal development opportunities, and mentorship. Our staff are our most valuable assets and are the foundation of our organizational movement. As the current Employee Resource Group Chair for the YMCA of San Francisco, my goal is to provide equitable access to educational and supportive experiences. I am proud to work in a space that prioritizes staff at all levels of leadership and recognizes the need to build a meaningful employee community.


Bridging the Gap Mentoring Program

The Bridging the Gap Program is a staff development mentoring program that matches full-time professional YMCA staff, with part-time YMCA employees. The overarching goal of this project is to attract and retain key multi-cultural employees and volunteers within the organization and support the advancement of part-time staff into full-time, living-wage employment.

"Bridging the Gap has been great but I really want to appreciate my mentor that not only advised me but also opened my mind to how others think. It’s really great having someone to talk to and understand the work you do without actually working with them; brings a whole new perspective on a lot of similar situations." - Di Baker, YMCASF Mentee

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YMCA Professionals Network

YMCA Professional Network (YPN) inspires, connects and empowers Y leaders to achieve personal excellence in the YMCA movement. YMCA Professional Network Chapter 82 is open to all YMCA employees and serves over 5,000 staff in northern California and Hawaii with three social events, one fall conference, and online professional support throughout the year. YPN Chapter 82 is focused on professional development, leadership development, networking, and innovation. 

Learn More about YPN82


Our Employee Resource Groups

Our identity-specific groups for YMCA of San Francisco staff were created to offer a network of support, encourage leadership development, provide resources for professional growth, and create community impact. Employee allies are also encouraged to take part in these groups.

African American Resource Network

African American Resource Network (AARN) was organized to provide leadership development of African Americans in the YMCA movement, and more specifically, for career and personal development, networking, training, and mentoring. We encourage all staff to join the group and discover ways you can get support from or become a member or an ally.


Asian Pacific Islander Leadership Network

​The Asian Pacific Islander Leadership Network is a nationwide community of YMCA Asian & Pacific Islander staff, volunteers, and their allies who share information and resources through social activities and online experiences. The group's goal is to advance the career development of Asian and Pacific Islanders by empowering their rise in the Y through advocacy, networking, and mentoring.


LGBTQ Employee Resource Network

The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Resource Network is comprised of LGBTQ YMCA professionals and policy volunteers who aim to increase awareness about issues concerning lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning, queer, and intersex staff and volunteer leaders in the YMCA, educate about inclusion by moving beyond tolerance and acceptance to celebration of the LGBTQ communities in the YMCA, and to provide a safe forum and network for YMCA LGBTQ staff and volunteers.


Latinx Employee Resource Network

The Latinx Leadership Network is a network of Latino and Latina YMCA staff and volunteers from across the country committed to genuine and meaningful engagement of Hispanics/Latinos in the YMCA. This group cultivates resources to develop the Y's capacity to meet the needs of the growing Hispanic/Latino population.  The Latinx Employee Resource Network seeks to increase the engagement and professional growth of Latinos in the YMCA, and to educate the greater YMCA community on issues important to Latino communities.


Women’s Leadership Network

The Women’s Leadership Network of the YMCA of San Francisco is defining what it means to be a professional woman. This network helps support women in finding their authentic selves, finding their empowered voice, and transforming Y culture by creating community. All Y staff who identify as women or who are allies to women are welcome to Women's Leadership Network events.

"As I have grown professionally, I have seen how women get divided in the work place and don't lift eachother up. I took the advice that a female mentor once gave to me: 'It's better to have a strong woman on your side than an enemy that is just as strong as you.'" - Celine Lota, Women's Leadership Network