Join us May 9 at the Southeast Community Center
1550 Evans Ave, San Francisco from 5:30-7:00PM

The Urban Services YMCA of San Francisco invites interested parties to attend a community hearing on the California Department of Community Services Development, Community Services Block Grant funded 2023-24 Community Action Plan on May 9. The purpose of the hearing is to listen to you, our families and neighbors on what you need and to discuss the plan itself- which outlines community needs, service gaps, agency priorities and plans for coordination. 
Link in bio Community Needs Assessment Survey. 


Our mission is to eradicate San Francisco poverty levels and mitigate the negative impacts of poverty for all city residents. In partnership with neighborhood stakeholders, private industry, elected leaders, faith-based institutions, local education agencies, and departments of government.

 In 2018, the CA Department of Community Services and Development designated Urban Services YMCA as San Francisco's Community Action Agency.
Through this designation, we joined a nationwide Community Action Partnership network focused on the elimination of poverty and the revitalization of low-income communities via the Community Services Block Grant



What We Do

Community Action Agencies are designated and funded to reduce poverty in the communities they serve.

Every service, program, and activity must answer the question: "How does this move the needle on helping families out of poverty?." 

Our 2024 - 2025 Community Action Plan includes:

Service Connection programming citywide

  • Housing preservation, rental assistance, and preventing people from being evicted and becoming homeless.
  • Financial assistance and training to remove barriers for low-income residents securing employment.
  • Legal connections to support residents who are undocumented or seeking asylum and/or working through the justice system.

Childcare and Youth Development 

  • Before and After School Support
  • School Re-Engagement
  • Post Secondary Education Support

Advocate for Policy Change

For your review, a complete document of what we do and why we do it is detailed in our 2024-2025 Draft Community Action Plan and Needs Assessment.

For any questions and or feedback. please contact Alora Martin at


To give life to a nation where all persons have the opportunities to thrive and co-create a more equitable society.

A Focus on Results

Our results center around changing lives and supporting the community move out of poverty.

As Urban Services YMCA employs a Results-Oriented Management and Accountability framework (ROMA), our effectiveness is measured not only by the number of services directly provided, but by the improvements and changes achieved in the local community’s attitudes and practices towards anti-poverty purposes. 


How To Get Involved

Join our movement to eliminate poverty in San Francisco so we can co - create a more equitable society for all.

We welcome suggestions, resources, and counsel on who we should connect with in order to advance this collective anti-poverty movement.

Share all suggestions, ideas, challenges, questions, etc. as it relates to Community Action and how we can work together to eliminate poverty in San Francisco. 
Contact KC Walker at


Your Feedback is Important to Us

As San Francisco’s Community Action Agency, Urban Services YMCA is focused on elimination of poverty and we need you to work with us towards achieving this goal!

Every two years, we complete a community needs assessment, and from this data, develop a 2-year action plan on what strategies, advocacy, and direct services to focus on.

Your feedback is vital, and we invite you to complete and share it with your networks.

It takes most people about four minutes to complete and helps us know what types of programs, services, and advocacy we should provide to combat and eliminate poverty in San Francisco.

This survey is anonymous, your responses cannot be associated with you or your family, and results will be presented in an open public Community Action forum on April 1.


Meet Our Staff

KC Walker

Community Action Administrator & Coordinator