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About Program

Urban Services YMCA’s Community Health Ambassador Program (CHAMP) promotes resident-driven health initiatives, supporting resident empowerment, and leadership in one of San Francisco’s oldest underserved communities.


CHAMP is for HOPE SF residents in Hunters View, Potrero Terrace and Potrero Annex, Sunnydale, and Alice Griffith community housing projects, and is committed to creating health and wellness programs that encourage healthier living and community lead support.

CHAMP creates Health Ambassadors as they become Community Health Workers through employment. Community Health Ambassadors support outreach strategies from the Wellness Center Program services, activities and events in the area.

CHAMP promoted focus on health equity, prevention of chronic disease, and activities that support optimal physical/behavioral holistic health among San Francisco’s Black/African American communities and all residents of HOPE SF sites.

This program is a partnership with both the Department of Public Health and HOPE SF and focuses on working with families living in public housing development in District 10.



We choose to place people before program. The Community members are our foundation, without them, we would not be able to differentiate between the actual needs of the community and our perceived needs of the community.


We value diversity while understanding that difference and distance can create discord. We look to break down these barriers and get to know individuals in the communities we serve and to help them better understand our commonalities and differences. We strive to create an environment where all are welcome and supported regardless of their background.


We strive to bring together individuals and organizations with different and complementary skills, resources, methods, and needs, for the purpose of mutual collaboration and community benefit.


We continuously strive to create a safe space within the communities we serve. We have an open-door policy and invite all community and San Francisco residents to partake in our initiatives, services, activities, and events.


We are committed to building equity through our diversity, inclusion, and engagement efforts.

We work to ensure that everyone, regardless of ability, age, cultural background, ethnicity, faith, gender, gender identity, ideology, income, national origin, race or sexual orientation has the opportunity to reach their fullest potential.

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Applicants must reside in the HOPE SF Community, and applicants are encouraged to complete the Community Health Worker Certification Program curriculum within two years of being hired.

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