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Your Choice

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It’s September, and as we head into the fall season the food fare is changing.  Are you looking to make adjustments to your healthy eating practices? 

With so many fad diets, quick fixes, and opportunities to try new ways of eating, it can be confusing to know where to start and where to go.  

At the Y we make the healthful choice the easy choice. 

HEPA stands for Healthy Eating Physical Activity. All of our programs incorporate HEPA standards and focus on supporting youth, adults, and their families to enjoy healthy eating and being active. 

In our programs we emphasize: 

  • Limited screen time
  • 30-60 minutes of physical activity daily
  • Fruits and veggies with every meal and snack
  • Water as a preferred beverage and ensure its accessibility at all times 


What are your HEPA goals? 

Whether you have kids in our programs or are looking to achieve your own HEPA goals, we have something for you.

From one-on-one nutrition counseling to 90-day programs designed to support you in building a healthy lifestyle, there’s something for you at the Y. 

Learn more about our healthy living programs and get started on your HEPA journey today.

At the Y, you have choice.

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