Workouts for Monday through Friday

Repetition Levels:

Warm: 1-3 sets
Hot: 5 sets
Sizzling: 7 sets

You choose your pace. Concentrate on form and not speed!


Make sure to stay hydrated and stretch after your workout.

Click the + to view each exercise.

Core Monday

Warm Up (30 sec each)

  • Jabs
  • Jumping Jacks
  • Alternating high knees
  • Jog in place

Main Set

20 Mountain climbers

20 c-crunches

20 plank rolls (hip dips)

20 Single leg circles

10 star abs

20 second lateral plank walk

Rest 1-2 minutes in between sets.  

Biceps & Quads Tuesday

Warm Up (30 sec each)

  • Slow Mid squats
  • Butt kicks
  • Arm circles
  • 3-10 seconds sprint in place

Main Set

20 mid squat pulses

20 bicep hammer curls

20 plank ins & outs

20 squats with front kick

20 sharks (plank shoulder tap)

20 second squat

Rest 1-2 minutes in between sets.   

Core Wednesday

Warm Up (30 sec each)

  • Jumping Jacks
  • Side lunges
  • High knee jogging
  • Shuffle

Main Set

20 reverse planks

20 butterfly sit ups

20 jack knives

20 side bend (both sides)

15 seconds c crunch hold

20 second side plank

Rest 1-2 minutes in between sets.   

Tricep & Hamstring Thursday

Warm Up (30 sec each)

  • Jog in place
  • Lunge with cactus arms
  • Butt kicks
  • Mountain climbers

Main Set

20  tricep kick backs

10 modified hurdle stretches

15 tricep push-ups

20 walking lunges (10 per side)

10 spider walks

10 inverted flyers

Rest 1-2 minutes in between sets.


Full Body Friday

Warm Up (30 sec each)

  • 20 wide squats
  • Choose your favorite warm-up exercise from this week
  • 20 jumping jacks
  • 5 inchworms

Main Set

Choose your favorite leg exercise from this week!

10 v-ups

Choose your favorite core exercise from this week!

20 burpees

Choose your favorite arm exercise from this week!

2-30 second planks or 3-20 second planks

Rest 1-2 minutes in between sets.

Don't Forget To Stretch!

Below is a stretch routine to incorporate into your workouts. Thank you for all your suggestions!

Shoulder rolls

Slow arm circles forward and back

Child's pose

Downward facing dog


Seated figure 4

Seated straddle