Workouts for Monday through Friday

Repetition Levels:

Warm: 1-3 sets
Hot: 5 sets
Sizzling: 7 sets

You choose your pace. Concentrate on form and not speed!


This week's theme is ROCK CLIMBING

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Warm Up (30 sec each)

  • Jump rope
  • Side lunges
  • Reverse lunges
  • Inchworms

Main Set

15 Pushups

20 Flutter kicks

10 Russian Twists

20-20-20 Plank

20 Bicycle crunches

10 Superman holds

Rest 1-2 minutes in between sets.  


Warm Up (30 sec each)

  • Arm circles
  • Jumping jacks
  • Shoulder shrugs
  • Back slaps, open hands wide and hug self

Main Set

Wrist Flexion (Palm Down & Palm Down)

20 Bicep Curls

20 Overhead Extensions

20 Dips

20 wide rows

Rest 1-2 minutes in between sets.  


Warm Up (30 sec each)

  • Cross Jacks
  • Jogging with High Knees
  • Arm Circles
  • Hip Circles

Main Set

20 Mountain Climbers

20 V-Sits

1 minute planks with arm extensions

20 Bent Knee Sit Ups

30 second C-Crunch


10 Body Saws

20 Push Ups

Rest 1-2 minutes in between sets.  

Legs Thursday

Warm Up (30 sec each)

  • Jump rope in place
  • Single leg hops (30 seconds per side)
  • Bicycle kicks
  • Bear crawls
  • Butt kicks

Main Set

20 wide squats

1 - min plank

10 squat jumps

20 plank rotations (10 per side)

10 Alternating front lunges

10 backward stepping lunges

20 single leg glute bridges (10 per side)

Rest 1-2 minutes in between sets.  


Friday - Putting It All Together!

Warm Up (30 sec each)

  • Jog in Place
  • Arm Circles
  • Chest Extensions
  • Torso Extension

Main Set

20 Moutain Climbers

Your choice of core exercise

20 reverse leg lunges with leg lifts

Your choice of leg exercise

15 Push Ups

20 forearm plank reach outs

Your choice of arm exercise

Your choice of favorite exercise

Rest 1-2 minutes in between sets.  

Don't Forget To Stretch!

Below is a stretch routine to incorporate into your workouts.

Thank you for all your suggestions!

Inhale, reach hands over head, Exhale lower hands (count of 4 each way)

Rotating Wrist and Forearm Stretch

Squatting Leg-out Adductor and Groin Stretch

Standing High-leg Bent Knee Hamstring Stretch


Wide Squat