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YBike: Bicycle Safety & Education Program

YBike is a bicycle education program that teaches safe bicycling skills while providing a fun, active learning environment. We empower youth and families to ride a bicycle safely for fun, fitness, and transportation. While our programs vary in length and structure, all follow a curriculum that progresses from basic bicycle handling to traffic skills and safe decision-making. Whether teaching someone to ride a bike for the first time or leading a group on a neighborhood adventure, YBike staff foster a positive learning environment that emphasizes the joy of riding a bicycle.

Bicycling programs range from one-day skills sessions to 16-session after school bike clubs. During the summer, YBike Camp sessions offer summer fun on two wheels.  In all our programming, we provide the necessary equipment, including helmets and bicycles. We include all participants, regardless of background or ability.

After School Programs

YBike's After School Bike Clubs offer a 16-session progressive biking experience for students in elementary and middle school. We partner with schools in San Mateo County to offer this program on site at school. Beginning with safety skill lessons on the yard, we learn new skills as a group and eventually take neighborhood rides to fun destinations like parks, bike shops, and more! The after school program is a small group experience that fosters leadership and lifelong enthusiasm for bicycling.

With a primary focus on safety, we guide participants in performing bike safety checks each time we ride, and teach awareness and safe riding skills based on the League of American Bicyclists’ standards. Each participant is fitted to a CPSC-certified helmet that they must wear at all times while cycling, as well as a reflective safety vest for all on-street activities. All bikes are checked by qualified mechanics and have lights and reflectors to increase visibility. YBike staff are League of American Bicyclists Certified Instructors, have training in CPR/First Aid, and carry cell phones, a First Aid Kit, and emergency contact information for every participant. All of our staff receive training in risk management, emergency procedures, and bicycle mechanics, in case problems occur while riding.

P.E. Programs

YBike’s 10-day Bike Safety Unit presents students with progressive instruction to develop their skills as cyclists. This program also trains P.E. instructors to lead bicycling classes with the hope that in the future they will lead them independently. The YBike P.E. curriculum is a specially designed 10-day unit that complies with state health and physical education standards. The P.E. program is suitable for bicycle learners of all levels in a fun, inclusive curriculum. Once students have mastered the skills necessary to ride in the street, our expert instructors lead students in small groups on a neighborhood ride in the area surrounding their school.

During our safety units we ask that PE teachers commit to partnering with our instructors to help manage their classes and learn how to teach the units.