Why Join E2E?

What are the benefits of joining E2E?

As an E2E participant, you will receive four weeks of professional training as well as continuous support throughout the program. Upon completing four weeks of training, you will receive a $400 stipend.

Am I guaranteed a job once I finish four weeks of training and how much will I earn?

Yes! Within one month of completing training, you will be placed at a job site for a minimum of three months. You will earn between $14-15 per hour.

How many hours per week can I work?

Participants will work up to 25 hours per week. Your schedule will be determined by your employer and could be made flexible to accommodate your college class schedule. 

What kind of jobs can E2E set me up with?

E2E can provide jobs in the following sectors:

  • Nonprofit Support 
  • Construction and Trades
  • After School and Social Services Support 
  • Hospitality

What kind of support can E2E offer me?

E2E offers the following support:

  • Mandatory professional support check-ins once a week for the first six weeks of your employment placement
  • Transportation assistance during your four-week training program and the first two weeks of your job placement
  • Assistance Obtaining a California ID or Driver's License
  • Assistance Obtaining Professional Clothing
  • Referrals to Food Assistance Programs
  • Referrals to Housing Assistance Programs

What happens when my employment placement ends?

E2E staff will work with you to help you secure new employment. E2E can provide:

  • Connections to jobs within the YMCA network
  • E2E staff support via letters of recommendation and professional references
  • Resume and cover letter assistance
  • Assistance applying to jobs outside of the YMCA network

About E2E

Join us at Empowerment to Employment to gain skills and experience that will land you a job. Our goal is to create pathways to enduring & sustainable employment. 

STEP 1: Professional Development

  • E2E participants receive professional development training twice a week, for 4 weeks, prior to job placement.
  • Training focuses on developing the essential skills participants will need to be successful in the workplace.
  • Participants receive a $400 stipend after completing their four weeks of training.
  • Participants will receive Muni and/or BART transportation assistance throughout professional training and through their 2nd week of job placement.

STEP 2: Job Placement

  • Participants will be placed at a job site for a minimum of three months after completing professional training.
  • Participants will earn between $14-15 per hour and work up to 24 hours per week at their given job site.

Post Job Placement Support

After a minimum of 3 months of employment, E2E staff will work with participants to secure permanent employment. E2E will provide participants with connections to jobs within, and outside of, the YMCA network, as well as letters of recommendations and professional references.

Additionally, resume, cover letter, and job application assistance will be available to all participants applying to jobs within and outside of the YMCA network.

Under 18 and/or still in high school and looking for a job?

Connect with our OMI Excelsior Beacon Center

Spring Cohort 

Spring Cohort Training begins January 9, 2018.  Please complete interest form and an E2E representative will contact you with more details.

Interest Form

Mission & Vision

The Empowerment to Employment program, or E2E, was conceived out of a desire to ensure that transitional age youth, between the ages of 18-24, are provided with the resources and opportunities required to reach their full potential. We are committed to helping youth overcome personal and professional barriers by providing them with skills that sufficiently prepare them for workplace success.

"Access to a job in the summer and beyond can make all the difference to a young person-especially those who don't have access to many resources and opportunities."

- President Barack Obama

Employer Portal

Click here to access the E2E Employer Portal.


Jennifer Salerno

As the Director of the E2E workforce program, Jennifer is focused on providing transitional age youth with the tools required to obtain and retain sustainable employment. 

Kalen Cornelious

Kalen is the Employment Specialist at Empowerment to Employment (E2E). Inspired by positive mentors and advisors growing up, she’s committed to providing that same support and mentorship to others. 

Sharim Shoman

Experiencing and witnessing challenges both personal and by those in her NYC community, she began her career in the non-profit sector with a mission to educate individuals on the power of practicing self-awareness and accountability.

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