The Presidio YMCA provides kids the opportunity to participate in programs to keep them active and healthy, learn good sportsmanship and teamwork while having fun all year round. Join in on the fun by registering for youth basketball, tennis, swimming, and more!


Private and Semi-Private Youth Tennis Lessons

One hour private and semi-private lessons are available and taught by our certified USPTA instructors. For more information or to schedule lessons, please contact, Wendy Tomita-Yu.



  • $90/single lesson
  • $340/4-pack of lessons
  • $680/8-pack of lessons


  • Group of 2, Per Person Rate: $50/hour ($180/4-pack, $360/8-pack)
  • Group of 3, Per Person Rate: $40/hour ($140/4-pack, $280/8-pack)
  • Group of 4, Per Person Rate: $35/hour ($120/4-pack, $240/8-pack)

Requirements and Policies

More Information

  • Must be an active YMCA Facility Member to schedule private lessons.
  • All tennis lesson requests and scheduling must be made by contacting, Wendy Yu (
  • Non-YMCA coaches and guest instructors are not allowed to coach any clients on Presidio YMCA tennis courts.
  • All private lesson packages have an expiration of 3 months from the purchase date.
  • Private lessons can be purchased by contacting Wendy Yu (
  • Private lessons require a 24 hour cancelation notice or you will be charged for the lesson.
  • Find out more about our tennis courts and individual reservation options on our Adult Tennis webpage.

Get Started!

Tennis lessons are a great way to learn the game of tennis. Youth will be able to develop and sharpen their tennis skills.


For questions, please contact Wendy Yu at

After School Youth Tennis

The Presidio Community YMCA After School Youth Tennis programs are offered twice during the Spring for youth ages 8-11. YMCA staff of certified tennis professionals will help to develop coordination, strokes, fundamentals, rally skills & plenty of games!


Additional info: Youth must register for the full, 3-week session. Classes are a 1 to 7 ratio.

Location: Fort Scott Tennis Courts -  1331 Wool Court, San Francisco, CA 94129

For questions, please contact Wendy Tomita-Yu at

Youth Tennis Group Clinics

Group clinics can be arranged as a private group or as a drop-in group. They for members who want the opportunity to tailor an ongoing (minimum of 3, consecutive weeks), private group lesson of 4-6 participants with a specific coach. Coordinate directly with our tennis coordinator and your pro to make sure you are covering the tennis topics you want. 

For information about scheduling availability, please contact Wendy Tomita-Yu at

Junior Hoopers

Join us for our popular Junior Hoopers clinics at the Letterman Gym! Youth will learn introductory basketball skills, including dribbling, ball handling, passing, shooting, and playing with teammates. In addition to skill-building, players will build confidence and athletic social skills, while developing a healthy lifestyle! Participants will be sorted by age groups and coached by YMCA youth basketball staff.

When: Saturday mornings
Location: Presidio Community YMCA Letterman Gym
Ages: 4-10 years old

Register for Sessions

October Sessions

October clinics, 10/14/23, 10/21/23, and 10/28/23
  • Ages 4-5, 9:00 am-10:00 am


  • Ages 6-7, 10:15 am-11:15 am


  • Ages 8-11, 11:30 am-12:30 pm


November Sessions

November clinics, 11/04/23, 11/11/23, and 11/18/23
  • Ages 4-5, 9:00 am-10:00 am


  • Ages 6-7, 10:15 am-11:15 am


  • Ages 8-11, 11:30 am-12:30 pm 



  • Prices include a non-refundable $50 deposit.
  • Facility Members: $95
  • Community Participants: $108

For questions, please contact

Youth Basketball League

The Presidio Community YMCA's youth basketball leagues are for youth in kindergarten to 5th grade. Our league is recreational and beginner-friendly for the youth of our community. We focus on fundamental skills development, sportsmanship, and the YMCA’s core values of honesty, respect, caring, and responsibility. Our goal for YMCA basketball players is to help them develop healthy and active lives. See below for current or upcoming season information, including league rules, volunteer coach information, and frequently asked questions.


The 9-week season will run from mid-January to mid-March at the Presidio Community YMCA’s Main Post Gym and the Letterman Gym. Our early bird team registration will open on September 25, and regular registration prices will start on October 2. Registration closes on November 15 or when the league reaches maximum capacity, whichever comes first.

Team Size Requirements

Average team size:

  • 10 kids

Min./max team size:

  • K/1st/2nd - 10 kids – 12 kids
  • 3rd/4th/5th – 8 – 12 kids


*Prices include a non-refundable $50 deposit. No refunds after December 12, 2023.

Early bird registration: 09/25/2023-10/01/2023

  • Facility Members: $275
  • Community Participants: $325

Regular registration: 10/02/2023-11/15/2023

  • Facility Members: $325
  • Community Participants: $390


Registration is based on a first-come, first-served basis, and grade level division capacity. Grade levels may combined into one division based on the number of teams registered by November.

Your team or free agent's registration is not confirmed until your team representative receives a confirmation from the Presidio YBL Team. You will receive a confirmation by November 15.

Registration will close on November 15 or when the league reaches maximum capacity, whichever comes first. 








Deposits are non-refundable. No refunds after December 12, 2023.

Sign Up Process

1. Team representative must download the "Practice and Team Roster Submission" form

2. Team representatives will complete the form and submit it to beginning 09/25/2023

3. Parents of each player individually sign up via the YMCA's Community Portal starting 09/25/2023

*Free agents will skip to Step 3. No submission form is needed.

Questions? Check out our FAQs. For any additional questions not listed below or if you need more program information, please contact

Youth Ballet

*** Classes have been suspended until further notice. Please check back at a later time for updated information.**

For questions, please contact Stacey at

Frequently Asked Questions - Youth Basketball League


What is the Presidio Community YMCA Youth Basketball League?

Our league is recreational and beginner-friendly for the youth of our community. We focus on fundamental skill development, sportsmanship, and the YMCA’s core values of honesty, respect, caring, and responsibility. Our goal for YMCA basketball players is to help them develop healthy and active lives.

Do I need to be a YMCA member to join the league?

You must have an active Facility Membership or Community Participant (Non-Member) Membership to register for the league. You can check the status of your membership or create one here.


How can I put a team together?

Coordinate with families from your child’s classroom at school, a group from your church, family friends, or any other way to get a group of kids together to play. The Presidio YMCA Youth Basketball League is open to Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade teams for boys, girls, and co-ed teams.

During the registration process, there will be a question field asking if you are already a part of a team. If yes, you'll respond with your team name and provide the email of the team manager. The team manager will be the primary liaison between Presidio Youth Basketball and their respective team. They will be responsible for communicating all relevant information to the corresponding parties. The role of coach and manager can be the same individual or different.

My player does not have a team to play with, can they still play?

Individual players may register as Free Agents. Teams can be formed with Free Agent players of the same grades, or Free Agents can be added to other teams.

How many players can be on a team?

The ideal team size is 10-12 players, but a minimum of 10 players is required for grades K-2 and, 8 players for 3rd-5th grade is required. Since 5 players from a team are on the court at any given time, when it comes to substitutions and distribution of playing time, 10-player teams are just the simplest way to rotate players in and out evenly and fairly.

Can a team have more than 10 players?

Ultimately, it is up to the coach to determine how many players they feel comfortable having on the team. We remind and encourage our coaches to have an “everyone plays” mentality with the youth of our league, so it is the responsibility of the coach to distribute playing time fairly. Most coaches who allowed more than 10 players found player rotations challenging when all players were present.

I submitted a team roster, but I want to add more players. What do I do?

Please email and share what team you want to add the player(s) to. The families will still need to register their player(s) through our website to be eligible for the season.

My team has boys and girls on it (co-ed). What teams will they play against?

Co-ed teams will be entered into the boys' divisions, so some of their games will be against all-boys teams and other co-ed teams. Teams of all-girls will play against other all-girls teams.


How many teams are there in a league?

We are still trying to work out logistics regarding the program space, but nothing is confirmed yet. Access to space will determine the size of the league. While each age division may have a different number of teans, we strive to keep an even number of teams in each division, so every team can play a game each week.  

What if my team is the 9th (or another odd number) team entered in a division, will we get in?

We may have to either deny entrance into the league or put the team on hold until a 10th team enters that division, depending on the number of teams in the other divisions. As many options will be explored as possible to get your team in the league, but we are striving to maintain even numbers of teams in each division for this league. BYE weeks and/or double-headers may solve potential game scheduling issues in the instance of an odd-numbered division.

Who can coach my team?

The Y believes in providing accessible physical activity for youth in our community. Volunteer coaches are an essential part of making our program affordable and inclusive. Each team should provide its own volunteer coach. Most coaches are a player’s parent, relative, or family friend. Teams can have as many volunteer coaches as they see fit.

Our team would like to hire and pay a basketball coach. Is this okay? 

Once a coach receives compensation, they are no longer a volunteer. In order for a paid coach to coach your team, they must become an employee paid by the YMCA, and therefore go through the full hiring process: interview, background check, fingerprinting, and onboarding. This is to maintain a high level of safety for our youth and support our abuse prevention policies. The YMCA does not allow coaches who charge an additional fee for their services, and teams may be removed from the league if they violate our policies.

Our volunteer coach was amazing this season, and the team is so grateful. Can we give them a gift as a token of our gratitude?

You are welcome to give your volunteer coach a non-monetary gift for their effort and hard work during the season. Coaches charging a fee for coaching or receiving monetary gifts is a violation of YMCA policies.


When and where do the teams practice?

Before the start of the season, teams will be given practice time and court at either our Main Post Gym (63 Funston Ave) or Letterman Gym (1152 Gorgas Ave). Top choices for practice schedules will be accommodated as much as possible but may be subject to change based on space availability and schedule flexibility.

My team doesn’t need a practice space at the Presidio Community YMCA, is it okay if we practice elsewhere?

Certainly. Please note that teams practicing off-site with volunteer coaches are still subject to the volunteer hiring process mandated by the YMCA. Furthermore, players are subject to the same league entry fees. We’ll see you at the games on the weekends!

What does my team get for practices?

If a team is designated to practice at either of our gyms, teams will be assigned a section of the gym. Depending on the grade of the team, up to two mini-hoops with adjustable heights will be provided. Appropriately sized basketballs will be provided.

When and where are the games?

Games will be played on Saturdays or Sundays at either of our two basketball gyms, to be announced.
*Important notes:
- Final game schedules will be published on the Youth Sports Website:
- Games may be at a different gym than where a team practices.


Will there be any YMCA staff available during practices and games?

Yes, during basketball season, the Presidio Community YMCA employs gym monitors during practices and referees during games.
- Gym Monitors’ responsibilities are setting up the courts for practices, providing equipment to teams, and, most importantly, ensuring a safe environment for teams. Our friendly Gym Monitors can be approached for assistance during practices.
- Referees’ duties are to facilitate smooth game flow and help teach the players the basics of competitive basketball. Age-appropriate YMCA basketball rules will be enforced. Open and respectful dialogue with the referees and scorekeepers is welcome.


Will the scores be kept during games?

There will not be any scorekeeping for Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd-grade games. The goal of K-3rd games is purely recreational, and to be introduced to the basics of competitive basketball. At the 4th and 5th grade divisions, the scoreboards will be used during games, but no standings will be kept for the season. Remember, the competition is always meant to be fun and friendly!


What kind of defense can my team play?

Player-to-player defense is enforced. For Kindergarten and 1st-grade games, players will wear color-coded wristbands to signify which opposing player to defend. 2nd and 3rd graders will not wear wristbands, but player-to-player defense is still enforced. Full-court press defenses are never allowed during K-3rd games. During 4th and 5th grade games, teams may deploy Zone Defenses only in the 2nd half of games if the score differential is 15 points or more. We expect coaches to abide by these rules and teach defense accordingly during practices.


What if my team has to forfeit or miss a game?

Please inform the Sports Programs Director as early as possible to notify of any game(s) your team has to miss. During the season, the deadline to notify of forfeits shall be the Wednesday prior to weekend games. We may be able to reschedule games or offer double headers on another weekend, but there is no guarantee that space and time will be available. We will, however, do our diligence and exhaust all opportunities to reschedule games. Teams forfeiting two or more games will be assessed a $100 fee.


What if my team has less than 5 players show up for a game? Is that a forfeit?

It’s only a forfeit if the entire team is absent. In the case of a shortage of players, the two teams may coordinate a 4-on-4 game, or the team with more players may elect to “lend” players to the other team.



What should my child wear to play basketball?

Comfortable, flexible clothing and athletic footwear. Clothing such as jeans, skirts, dresses, and sandals are not advised. Presidio YMCA will provide jerseys for players to keep and wear in practices and games for the season.


Our kids will get jerseys? Please tell me more! 

Our reversible jerseys come in youth sizes: small, medium, and large; and adult sizes: small and medium. You will be able to select your child’s preferred jersey size at registration. 4th and 5th-grade jerseys will have numbers on the backs. Sizes can be exchanged during the season based on availability.


Lost your jersey?

Replacement jerseys can be purchased for $10, based on available stock.


Do you still have your jersey from a previous season?

Players are highly encouraged to reuse their old jersey if it still fits!


Can I bring snacks to my players’ practices and games?

We certainly encourage healthy eating along with physical activity. However, we ask that all food and beverages be kept off our basketball courts during practices and games. Please make sure that any trash is put in the proper receptacles and not left in our basketball gyms. Only water in resealable containers should be brought into our basketball gyms. Please do your part to avoid spills, as the risk of injury increases with puddles on the courts!


Do you offer financial assistance?

Yes, financial aid is available! To apply for financial aid, please email


Who can I contact with any additional questions?

Please email with any questions or concerns.