Y Camp, like many Y programs, is about learning skills, developing character and making friends.  But few environments are as special as camp, where kids become a community as they learn both how to be more independent and how to contribute to a group as they engage in physical, social and educational activities.

Camping teaches self-reliance, a love for nature and the outdoors and the development of attitudes and practices that build character and leadership—all amidst the fun of campfires, bugle calls, canoeing, archery, talent shows and meaningful relationships. 

What a Difference a Summer Makes!

Need for Care

Parents consistently cite summer as the most difficult time to ensure that their children have productive things to do (Duffett et al, 2004). The Y is a leader in access to programs which support working families' schedules. 

Healthy Food

Children lose more than academic knowledge over the summer. Most children—particularly children at high risk of obesity—gain weight more rapidly when they are out of school during summer break (Von Hippel et al, 2007).

Summer Learning

Most students lose about two months of grade level equivalency in mathematical computation skills over the summer months. Low-income students also lose more than two months in reading achievement, despite the fact that their middle-class peers make slight gains (Cooper, 1996). 

Unequal Starts

More than half of the achievement gap between lower- and higher-income youth can be explained by unequal access to summer learning opportunities. As a result, low-income youth are less likely to graduate from high school or enter college (Alexander et al, 2007). 

Make a difference in a child's life by giving the gift of camp!


Every Child, Every Age, Every Interest

Our camps are diverse in offering- from overnight camps with ropes courses and adventure at YMCA Camp Jones Gulch, to day camps held at school sites, offering seamless care for children enrolled in Y after school programs during the year. Y Camp offers a safe and nurturing environment where kids find friendship and build skills that last a lifetime. 

We have a camp for every child, of every age, and every interest. Kids in Y Camp learn, grow and thrive through the learning and fun. 

Learn, Grow, Thrive

Knowing that summer makes a difference to a child's future is why we're committed to offering accessible, high-quality camps all summer long- as well as over school breaks (winter, spring and holidays). 

Thanks to our friends at the National Summer Learning Association for the facts on this page.  

Getting Kids Outdoors

Hundreds of our YMCA Bay Area children from underserved communities get the chance to get out into nature every summer thanks to a partnership with the National Park Service.