Bayview Workforce Programs Jumplinks

•Virtual Job Fair •Primed & Prepped •Tech and Design

•Social Entrepreneurship Guidance Program (SEGP) •Environmental Advocates

•Case Management and Workshops Academy of Engineering, Academy of Performing Arts, Academy of Health Science, Academy of Community Empowerment,

•MPR Youth Entrepreneurship Program, JVS 


Bayview YMCA

is the Fabric of the Community

Learn more about our workforce programs at Bayview YMCA, and watch the video below. 

Bayview is committed to helping youth in District 10 overcome personal and professional barriers by providing them with skills that prepare them for workplace success. We provide internship and employment opportunities for transitional age youth between the ages of 16-24. Look at our programs below and join.  

Primed and Prepped with Chef Yaku

Providing youth with hands-on experience to enhance skills and excel in the culinary arts industry.


Job Fair/Virtual Job Fair

Join @BayviewYMCA and learn more about jobs available for you. 

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Tech & Design

Tech & Design is a course on learning the basics of design and building a portfolio.


Social Entrepreneurship Guidance Program (SEGP)

SEGP is a program for youth inspired to create their own businesses.


Environmental Advocates

Environmental Advocates program is designed to get youth into their communities to learn about environmental activism while earning credit. 


Academy Case Management and Workshops

This program builds skills on work-based learning experiences with Academy of Engineering, Academy of Health Sciences, Academy of Arts, Media and Entertainment, Academy of Performing Arts.


MPR Youth Entrepreneurship Program

MPR Youth Entrepreneurship Program is designed to give youth experience working with the Mayor's office. 


Contact Angela Scott

415 820-4240

Angela has over eight years of workforce development experience working in nonprofits and as a certified career coach. She is a passionate and committed community servant with the ability to motivate and inspire individuals in identifying and developing their passion and purpose.