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Jamie Bruning-Miles was named President and Chief Executive Officer for the YMCA of San Francisco in June 2020. In his previous role as Chief Operating Officer, Jamie's primary responsibility was to lead the organization in accomplishing its strategic 2020 Vision to have the “Healthiest Children In America Living In the Bay Area” and advance health equity strategies to ensure all members of our community have the opportunity to reach their full potential.

To achieve the organization's 2020 Vision, Jamie developed innovative program strategies, renovated facilities, enhanced workforce diversity to advance successful organizational outcomes by engaging diverse leadership to ensure better results.  He established the Collective Social Enterprise model which provided the framework for the organization to work collectively and in unison for the benefit of the communities we serve. His COO leadership culminated in expanded access to healthy living activities where now one in every four members receive financial subsidy to the YMCA of San Francisco, and the organization is providing services to more than 14,000 youth every day.  

The creation of an Organizational Knowledge Center was an outcome of Jamie's innovative thinking, which led to a better understanding of the positive impact the Y is having on Bay Area youth and families.  This also produced valuable data and information that provided opportunities to advance strategies and ultimately deepen community impact.   

With more than 30 years in the YMCA Movement, Jamie progressively expanded his career and welcomed increasingly complex roles and opportunities to provide leadership on National Initiatives. 

He provided visionary, thought leadership and executive sponsorship to co-create with Y-USA, the Biden Foundation and other key national partners the first ‘best in class’ comprehensive LGBTQ+ inclusion and equity strategies resulting in identification and scaling of operational and program best practices reaching more than 1 million people in more than 19 states. 

He has also served on other National Initiatives to include redeveloping the YMCA to tackle health disparities for our most vulnerable, and provided senior leadership in the Colombia YMCA coalition to bridge professional knowledge, shared resources and best practices to increase the Y’s impact for youth in both the US YMCA's and the national and local Colombia YMCAs.

As a tenured YMCA professional, Jamie served as the Vice President of Membership and Program Development for the YMCA of Greater Philadelphia.  In that role, he led the organization’s membership engagement strategies, and led a multi-state solution to elevate health disparities in the areas with the most vulnerable populations working with external partners to create an innovative, scalable approach. Additionally, he was appointed to develop a new operating model for YMCA's that led to opening the fastest-growing membership Y in the country.    

Jamie has experience in working with major health care systems across the country to build YMCA's that include medical outpatient centers.  This forward-thinking strategy was set to create a continuum of care to improve health outcomes in YMCA's in both Florida and Wisconsin.  One of his career-defining responsibilities included developing, managing, and implementing a Hospital/YMCA facility in Brown Deer, Wisconsin that won the 2010 Wisconsin Chapter American Society of Interior Design Silver Award. He also provided leadership in shaping the positioning and visibility of these facilities to ensure successful community integration for each project.

Jamie received his Bachelor of Science from the University of Central Florida, a Master's degree from Springfield College, and has proudly served our country in both the U.S. Navy and U.S. Army Reserves. Jamie is married to his husband Ronald Bruning-Miles, for over 17 years.



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