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Women's Leadership Network Recommends Top 6 Ways to Celebrate Women's History Month

1. Educate Yourself

Here are 3 things to know about Women's History Month's mission, history, and themes.  This year, we are celebrating "Visionary Women:  Champions of Peace and Nonviolence".


2. Get Techy

Download the Field Trip App and turn on the "SPARK:  Women on the Map" feature to get an alert when you're near a place where a woman made history.  Go on a scavenger hunt with your friends and family around town to see where sheroes stood.


3. Donate Books

Grab a book out of this list of "A Mighty Girl's" Top Picks and donate them to youth-serving programs or gift them to family members.  They're great picks for both girls and boys.


4. Eat Delicious Food

Bring your friends together and go to one of these women-owned top restaurants in San Francisco and beyond, or cross the Bay Bridge and check out one of the women-owned top restaurants in Oakland.


5. Be Inspired

Print these FREE Posters of Women Innovators created by Women Artists and hang them around your office - maybe you'll be reminded to "Stop talking about 'achieving your dreams' and start talking about 'what you intend to do'." - Mae Jemison


6. Play Bingo

Here is a BINGO card for you to play by yourself or with your friends.  It offers many more suggestions on how to celebrate Women's History Month, all of which are also great ideas to do throughout the year.  Feel free to share your experience along the way through #YSFWLN on social media.