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Women's History Month and Allyship


This Women’s History Month is more than a time to look at the endless contributions of women throughout our history. We can strengthen our allyship by supporting women +identified as well. For far too long, women’s contributions have been overlooked, causing us to work on rebalancing our culture. Practicing allyship is fundamental to building women’s rights.  

The Y of San Francisco, not only honors Women’s History Month but lifts the incredible contributions of our powerful leaders who work at all levels of our organization. Some may not be aware, but the Y workforce is over 60% women-led.  That means even at the top of the organization the majority of our Vice President’s/Executives/Board of Directors are effectively led by women.  So, when the Y celebrates Women’s History Month, we celebrate our own powerful leaders who show up every day to ensure all youth in the Bay Area reach their greatest potential.   

To ensure that leadership continues to grow, the Y of San Francisco also celebrates our internal Women’s Leadership Network (WLN).  The Y of San Francisco WLN host workshops focused on allyship to uncover privileges and look at intersectionality of our diverse community so all women can see a future in our organization.   

While we say words like diversity, inclusion and allyship we must also demonstrate them through our deeds to recognize our collective growth in this effort. What affects one of us affects all of us. Let’s learn how to be an ally! 

 “Listen–Believe–Amplify the voices of women.” 

Please read more about our internal work here.