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Summer Camp Fun at the YMCA of San Francisco

Meet one of our summer camp counselors!
Angelina de Dios, 16 years old, Junior Counselor


What did you enjoy about camp the most this year?

I enjoyed the fact that the campers didn’t know my name. They only knew me by my camp name, Ms. Triceratops. I think it’s so rewarding to see the campers smile each day, knowing that they are happy and that I had something to do with it. It motivated me to show up each day and to know I was missed when I was not at camp.

How is working at camp different than being at camp?

It makes me appreciate how hard staff work, now that I am a Junior Counselor. I didn't realize when I was a camper how much patience the staff had, and I wasn’t an easy kid. From the stories my mom shared with me, I was very vocal and wild.

What do you still enjoy doing at camp since you were kid to now?

Going on field trips, re-exploring the bay area, and being a part of campers’ experience and their summer memories.

What are 5 things that come to mind when you think summer camp? (Colors, weather, anything)

  1. Warm weather in San Mateo
  2. Big, fun mess
  3. Hella loud
  4. Lanyards
  5. Singing camp songs