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A Story of Hope Made Possible By You

This is one of many stories of community, family, and the Y providing resources needed to create a comfortable environment for many to thrive.

This story begins with Ricky, who was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. During the pandemic, he and his sister lost their mom. This unforeseen event is what brought this family into many Bayview Hunters Point YMCA's community programs. 

Ricky's sister, Deb, became his primary care provider after the loss of their mother. Deb, an active member of Bayview Hunters Point YMCA, has been a member of our program (African American Holistic Wellness Program) for years. So when Ricky moved in with her he naturally joined our program. The pandemic couldn't keep them indoors. They were searching for community and support, and a healthy way to stay outdoors. Thes siblings would join most of the walks with this program. And they love them!   

"When he first joined our community walks, which we do twice a month and expressed how much he just loved being around others and being able to get outside and get some fresh air," his sister says. Now he has joined our Wednesday afternoon dance classes. He is just the LIFE of the dance class and all the participants love him. Ricky looks forward to his classes every Wednesday. 

Despite the pandemic and much loss, this family found a way to bond and reconnect with their community while staying healthy. This is a true Y story! A reality made possible by our members, staff, sponsors, partners and more.