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Redefine Your Finish Line With LES MILLS SPRINT™

Beginning in August LES MILLS SPRINT™ will be available at six YMCA of San Francisco locations. SPRINT is a 30-minute High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) class on an indoor bike that uses short bursts of all-out energy to push your limits, increase your heart rate and burn more calories, propelling you toward your fitness goals.

"SPRINT is fun and fast! It keeps the member engaged and challenged." - Jenny Little, Group Exercise Coordinator, Richmond District YMCA


LES MILLS SPRINT group exercise classes are available at: 


Josh Weaver, Marin YMCA's Director of Group Exercise, says, his favorite part about SPRINT is it's only 30 minutes, but the benefits last for hours: 

"If I’m wanting to participate in a HIIT class but am feeling a bit too tired to participate in an Insanity Live, P90X, or Strong by Zumba class on any given day, I can take a quick SPRINT class and still receive similar benefits, all while avoiding any high impact movements.” 


High-Intensity Interval Training on a Bike

High-Intensity Interval Trainings (HIIT) are workouts alternating between intense exercise and recovery periods. Benefits include boosting metabolism, building lean muscle, burning calories in a shorter time and continued calorie burning long after your workout. SPRINT combines these benefits with the low impact of cycle workouts. SPRINT is designed to challenge your fitness, if you are just beginning you can modify the workout by slowing down or taking breaks until you're up to speed.