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The Power of Partnership

The YMCA of San Francisco is a Bellxcel Certified Association!

Our efforts to implement Power Scholars Academy was sparked by the need to uplift equity in education in our communities. In 2017 we engaged 238 scholars to eliminate summer learning loss and minimize the ever-present achievement gap. Our first year was a great success. Scholars showed increased growth mindset, academic ability, and self-efficacy. Now, with our third year behind us, we are 1,100 scholars strong and scholar achievement continues to grow.

Bellxcel has been a guiding partner as we strive to strengthen our approach. Together we engage teaching professionals, youth development leaders, parents, scholars, and community partners in a holistic learning approach. The result is an innovative learning environment where everyone is activated to lead, teach, and learn. It is this strategy that allows our program to improve year after year. In November Bellxcel recognized our commitment and capacity to create lasting change for our scholars, declaring YMCA of San Francisco to be a Bellxcel Certified Association. This is a great honor for us as it speaks to the trust that has been developed between our organizations. We appreciate Bellxcel, and every partner, such as Alaska AirlinesJefferson Unified School District, and San Francisco’s Department of Children, Youth and their Families, that has contributed to the success and growth of Power Scholars Academy. 

The power of our partnerships is an integral component of the outcomes we hope to see. As we look towards Power Scholars Academy 2020 we know the future is bright and together we can support the hopes and dreams of scholars and their families throughout the San Francisco Bay Area! 

Thank you to our partners, and congratulations on a job well done!