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New Years Resolution?

New year's resolutions have been on my mind, especially as we promote membership at the Y this January. I am insatiably curious about the resolutions my friends are making: some specific (to drink 8 glasses of water a day!) some broad (to stay hopeful). Each resolution I've heard is a small promise to take care, however that might look right now. 

When I ask friends what their resolutions are I frequently hear "I don't believe in new year's resolutions". I think I understand what's behind this sentiment: all too often resolutions can wind up being just another thing to feel bad about. This is especially disheartening when it seems like January has a monopoly on wellness, with endless articles touting the benefits of stating fresh and finally doing all of the "shoulds" on your list (which works for no one). We have somewhat of a different approach at the Y; we believe that anytime is the right time for wellness, and that real, lasting change most of the time comes through many smaller victories, year-round-- not one quick fix. 

While resolutions aren't a must-have, I'm going to pose the argument that reflecting and resolving, making a promise to yourself, is an important step to change a behavior, and the kind of resolution that involves self-care is powerful and needed. I'm not under the impression that wellness is something that happens in one quick fix, but I do believe that any step towards investing in yourself, and your health, is a step worth taking. Perhaps resolutions should be more of a hypothesis than a prescription-- I'm going to try this change, I think this change will help me. 

Deciding to own your health- spirit, mind and body- is deeply personal. Many in our community share stories of recovery from an illness as the event that prompted them to commit to their day-to-day wellness. Some saw results through small behavior changes, getting them hooked on listening to their bodies, and caring for themselves.

I'm proud that the Y is a leader in holistic wellness, built on the premise that wellness looks different for everyone. The whole you is not just your body, but caring for your body is worth it. Self care is a radical act of love, and who doesn't need that now?

When we decided to promote membership this January, we wanted to put some love into the world as well, and offer the kind of year-round commitment and community that support lasting, real behavior change (what you'd expect from a non-profit community organization driven by volunteerism, which happens to also be the place you take yoga, or swim, or meet your neighbors). We decided to lower our join fee for the month of January, to welcome those taking a step on their path. Members who bring their friends to join can get a month of membership for free, because you need your friends to help you keep your promises to yourself. Show up to any Y in northern California with your membership, now, because it should be easy to make the healthy choice. 

Still looking for ideas for a promise of self- care, or for setting your resolution hypothesis? Check our our advice for specific, measurable, attainable, time-based goal setting. It might just inspire you, and isn't that what resolutions are all about?