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Let's Be the Change for our Future

The YMCA of San Francisco is committed to the communities we serve, and we believe the diversity of this great nation makes us stronger. This commitment is core to who we are, and we stand even stronger behind that commitment as we seek understanding in the days, months, and years ahead. 

Regardless of this election's outcome, we - the YMCA of San Francisco - will continue to be here for the communities we serve as allies and community members committed to political, economic, social, and racial equality.

Now more than ever, the Y must affirm our values as we continue to address systemic racism and societal bias within our organization and the broader community through advancing diversity, equity, inclusion, and global mindedness. We believe we can build a brighter tomorrow together.

As a youth supporting organization, I am optimistic that today's young people will help us develop new solutions to create a more equitable and just society. We create compassionate spaces for our youth and focus on what we can accomplish through our collective voice and actions. The wisdom we give to our youth as we shed our past that denies fundamental rights to those based on race, gender, and age will show them how we always continue to take care of each other despite political challenges.

As 2020 comes to a close, it is essential to recognize our collective humanity and the power we hold as individuals and as a community to heal and reconcile. Let’s take the opportunity of this year to listen, learn and lean on each other so the struggles of 2020 are the starting point of something greater for future generations.

Our beauty as a country shines brighter when we come together in 2020.

Let's continue to be intentional about taking care of each other and ourselves.

Let's be that change.