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DIY Your Education: Meet Skylar


Meet Skylar

Skylar is already a mover and shaker. He’s actively involved in YMakers, a youth DIY program at the Presidio Community YMCA, fascinated by engineering, learning languages (he’s fluent in four), and activism. Skylar is a semifinalist for a Department of State scholarship to study in China in a language immersion program over the summer, and is attending a conference on racial disparity in the spring through his high school, Urban School of San Francisco.

The YMakers Program

Skylar joined the YMakers program as a youth intern, and has been able to put into practice hard skills, like building, and soft skills, like patience, focus, and communication. Skylar says he’s very lucky to have an incredible mentor in Jeff Hawkins, a Presidio YMCA staff leader, and feels rewarded by passing on mentorship and support to the younger kids in the program.

Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math

STEAM programming provides hands-on, project based experiences that instill valuable 21st century skills in the next generation of innovative thinkers. Support this initiative.