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Chauvin Trial and Community Healing

The trial over the murder of George Floyd has been traumatizing and we recognize that people and communities are trying to heal in a time of perpetual tragedy and injustice. Now, more than ever, we must come together in solidarity to acknowledge and work to dismantle systemic racism and collectively address the disproportionate impact police brutality has on Black and African American communities and other communities of color. Racism has no place in the Y or in the communities we serve – not now, not ever.  

At the YMCA of San Francisco, we are committed to continually making progress in becoming anti-racist and equitable in all that we do. This work calls us to see, acknowledge and respond to what is happening in society. Today, this carries increased weight and significance as we process the trial verdict and continue to mourn the murder of George Floyd and the many other BIPOC individuals who have been victims of police brutality. 

We stand ready to join our community partners and all whom we serve to re-engineer public safety and re-imagine what restorative, reparative, inclusive and equitable work looks like both within our Y and across the diverse communities we serve. 

Together let us continue to work to knock down the walls of injustice so that future generations have access to higher social, economic, and political power. No one organization can do this alone, the Y will continually advance our collaborations with local, national and global community partners to ensure that our future is grounded in social justice and equity.