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Becoming an Educated Leader for Life

The Power Scholars Academy

This summer we celebrated the graduation of over 1,100 students⁠—from Pre-K to rising eighth graders⁠—from our Power Scholars Academy. 

Reducing the Achievement Gap

Power Scholars Academy is a six-week long summer learning loss program that is geared toward reducing the achievement gap. Reading and math are the most important academic components of the program, but the focus on the Scholars and the emphasis on their confidence and personal growth are what make this program truly special.

As a Bank of America Student Leader, I was able to visit the Power Scholars Academy at Monroe Elementary School. The Scholars gather each morning for community building where they recite the Power Scholars Pledge.

"I am a scholar

I am the future

I am intelligent

I am unique

When the time comes, I will be a leader

When there is injustice, I will take a stand

And to make a difference, I will learn

Because I am and always will be

An educated leader for life!"

The pledge reminds them that they have the power and ability to change the world. It reminds them that they are unique and the world needs their contribution.

Engaging in Learning

I got to visit classes and saw Scholars engaged in the books they were reading to the images they were coloring. It was apparent that the students were not only learning, but having fun doing so. I also got the opportunity to visit the Power Scholars Academy at John Muir Elementary School on the last day of their program. To celebrate the scholars, Y staff held a carnival with a barbeque, bouncy houses, and many other activities. Visiting these different sites allowed me to see that each location was unique in its own way, but had the same goal of closing the achievement gap due to summer learning loss.


Celebrating the Graduates

At the graduation ceremony, parents, guardians and Y staff came together to show support for our scholars. The evening consisted of dance performances, poetry readings, raffles and video collages.

Students were recognized for such awards as the Excellent Effort Award, the Humanitarian Award, the Yes I Can! Award, the Math Master Award, the Super Scientist Award and the Scholar of the Year Award.


Thank You for your Support

All this would not have been possible if not for the help from our sponsor, Alaska Airlines. With their support, the Power Scholars Academy has impacted the lives of over 1,100 students at 11 sites throughout San Francisco and Daly City. Our Scholars gained three months of literacy skills, two months of math, and improved their confidence and motivation. It was amazing to see the Power Scholars Academy while in session. It is clear that this program is positively impacting the lives of these Scholars and I am certain that these Scholars will grow up to do great things and change the world.