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2016 Summer Games

In honor of the Summer Olympics in Rio, the YMCA of San Francisco designed the 2016 Summer Games for Y members and staff.  The goal of the Games was to be physically active at the Y at least 10 times between July 11th and August 21st.  Many of our Y Staff participated and, we're proud to say, took home the Bronze, Silver and Gold!  

Read their stories below. 

Jen Trombley - Gold 

"I wanted to set a good example for my team during the Games - to show the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and work/life balance. To offer advice to people who may not be able to find the time to work on their own healthy goals during the work week, I'd say check in with others for support and to share your successes and challenges. A healthy lifestyle doesn't happen overnight, it takes time to create healthy habits. And more importantly, don't get down on yourself when you miss a workout or splurge on your favorite food. Just be prepared to get back to it the next day!" -Jen

Carol Wai - Silver

"To help myself stay motivated during the Games, I kept my tracking card visible to remind me to get active.  For those who are looking to get started, come take a class with me at Embarcadero YMCA!  Working out with a buddy is always more motivating that doing it alone.  Also, we have very smart and talented Wellness Coaches who can help you attain your goals. One-hour appointments are free, so come on in!" -Carol

Kirsten Ignacio - Bronze

"As a Y employee, we receive full facility access to all of our Ys in San Francisco, San Mateo and Marin - this was a good motivator during the Games to get to the gym and take advantage of our benefit.  With today's lifestyle of fast food & sedentary habits, it’s easy to forget that our bodies are not invincible. Practicing healthy eating and physical activity habits gives our bodies the nourishment and care they need to reach full potential.  Healthy habits are not achieved overnight - they take time, practice and commitment (this is applicable to anything in life!)  It's better to start small now and make mini progressions before it's too late.  We can do it!" -Kirsten


Andrew Ward
Anthony Ortiz
Bianca Lee
Evan Doherty
Kevin Yu
Jennifer Trombley
Linda Thai
Marian Pon
Nan Watanabe


Carol Wai
Mary Massioni
Tiffany Kyu


Amy Pareja
Anne Appleton
Kaitlin Glass
Kirsten Ignacio
Lawrence Forbes
​Tiana Rego
​Trung Le


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