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About Youth Chance High School

Youth Chance High School is a county community school that is operated through a partnership between the Embarcadero YMCA, San Francisco Unified School District, and the San Francisco Department of Education. Our school specializes in working with young people ages 16-19 years old, who have severely fractured relationships to education, academic institutions, and how they see and experience themselves as learners.  

The school recognizes the need to support ‘the whole student’; considering not only a student’s academic needs, but also the bio/psycho/social needs of high school youth. In the classroom, teachers utilize a trauma informed lens and prioritize the students’ social emotional wellbeing in addition to their academic progress as part of a holistic classroom experience.  

Youth Chance offers engaging, integrated standards-based instruction designed to meet the individual needs of students in the academic areas of Language Arts, Ethnic Studies, Health, Science, and Life Skills.  All classes are co-taught by a credentialed general education teacher and a special education teacher using engaging and culturally relevant instructional materials and effective alternative education pedagogy. 

Youth Chance High School’s Life Skills programming works to support each student in creating their own “tool kit” of skills and resources that can be accessed as they navigate adulthood. Youth Chance recognizes that the learning and development of basic life skills extends outside of the classroom and must be accessed in multifaceted environments. 

Youth Chance works to provide students provide students an alternative school in a community-based setting that is optimized to meet the needs of young people affected by the dependency and delinquency systems. Classrooms within the Bayview, Buchanan, and Embarcadero YMCAs support the San Francisco Unified District to deploy a “circle of care” that re-engages truant youth, provides them a high school program targeted to their unique needs, connects students and families to a wealth of services and supports within and beyond the YMCA, and supports each young person to develop and implement a personalized map to graduation.  

History of Youth Chance High School 

Since 1978, Youth Chance has offered varying models of programming for high school and transition aged youth; GED preparedness, vocational skills, workforce development, and a high school credits and diplomas. In the last 10 years, Youth Chance has shifted from online curriculum into direct classroom instruction recognizing the need for small class sizes, and individualized learning/academic intervention for our students. Youth Chance’s programming works to support each student in creating their own “toolkit” of skills and resources that can be accessed as they transition into careers and/or secondary education and navigate adulthood. Youth Chance recognizes that the learning of basic life skills extends outside of the classroom and must be facilitated in multifaceted environments. in addition to academic instruction, Youth Chance has developed dynamic programming that incorporates: workforce development, financial literacy, reproductive health/healthy relationships, gender specific services, health and wellness, volunteerism and basic life skills (cooking, hygiene, building interpersonal skills).  



Celan Beausoleil, LCSW


169 Steuart Street
San Francisco, CA 94105


Monday - Friday 9:30am to 2:20pm


Youth Chance: 415-615-1337

YMCA: 415-957-9622


To Enroll:

Follow one of the two options below or contact Youth Chance directly:

1. Follow the link below:

2. Contact the Educational Placement Center (EPC):

555 Franklin Street, Room 100
San Francisco, CA 94102

Phone: 415-241-6085
Fax: 415-241-6087

Open Monday through Friday
8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Academic Calendar:

2019-2020: Academic Calendar (English)

2019-2020: Calendario Academico (Spanish)

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