Commit to being fit every day!

We challenge you to exercise AT LEAST 20 minutes a day for two whole weeks!

Don’t forget to share your progress along the with other members along with your tips and tricks for staying active by posting on social media with #AtHomeWithYSF 


Participation is free!

Register HERE

Once you register, you will receive an email with printable and digital tracking cards. Track your active minutes on your tracking card and submit your minutes to be entered into a raffle. Raffle winners will be contacted through the email provided at registration. Last day to register is May 22, 2020. 

Keep track of your total exercise minutes on the card.  

Tip: Tracking your exercise and progress can be a useful way to keep you motivated when embarking on a new exercise program and a healthier lifestyle.  

The goal is to complete at least 280 minutes, but you don't have to stop there! Participants that achieve 560 or 840 minutes will be entered into separate raffles with different prizes.


Track Your Minutes

A tracking card will be emailed to you upon registration. You can use this card to record all the minutes of exercise you complete. Once your card is complete, take a picture and email it to to be entered into the prize raffle.

Make sure you use your primary email when registering.


Options to Track Your Active Minutes

Printable Tracking Card

Download and print the tracking card and check off the 20 minute increment boxes with pen, pencil, or marker as you do them.


Digital Social Media Tracking Card

Use social media stickers, emojis, or if you have a smart phone with drawing options, use that to check off the 20 minute increments as you do them.



Draw your own chart and check off the boxes, or track your time in the way that works best for you!

Raffle Prizes

280 MINUTES (20 mins a day)

5 winners will receive YMCA gear 


560 MINUTES (40 mins a day) 

3 winners will receive Bluetooth portable speaker system  


840 MINUTES (60 mins a day)

1 winner will receive 2 virtual personal training sessions with a certified personal trainer