Youth Service Bureaus

The Youth Service Bureaus (YSB) is a program of the Urban Services branch of the YMCA and primarily focuses on behavioral health and family support services.  Our mission is to support families in nurturing and developing connected, healthy and productive youth.  We do this by making mental health and social services affordable and accessible to families, schools and communities throughout San Mateo and San Francisco counties.


We are the community mental health arm of the YMCA, specializing in counseling for youth and families, crisis intervention, prevention programs for at-risk youth, parent education and support, truancy prevention, and community resources linkage services.

    ​For 45 years we have provided a continuum of services to help families address the challenges of growing up.  

    • The Pacifica Youth Service Bureau (PYSB) was the first of its kind in the country, opening its doors in 1969. 
    • The Youth Service Bureau in South San Francisco, the Community Resource Center of the YMCA (formerly known as North Peninsula Family Alternatives) and in San Mateo (formerly known as Project FOCYS) were opened in 1976.
    • The three locations have since merged with the YMCA of San Francisco and are now part of Urban Services YMCA. In San Francisco county, we have been providing community and school based mental health services around the city and at the Urban Services branch since 2001. 

    What we do

    We offer clinical counseling services in our three clinics in San Mateo County on a sliding fee scale and free to Medi-Cal and Victims of Crime (VOC) recipients. In San Francisco, we primarily provide free services to community members with Medi-Cal coverage. We also provide intensive services to juvenile-justice involved youth and also for those who experience chronic truancy.

    • In San Mateo County we work in over 50 schools providing on-site counseling and assessment; crisis intervention, on-campus violence prevention, and adolescent life skills/support groups. In San Francisco we work throughout the city on school campuses with permanent services offered on 14 of those sites.
    • ​We work as a therapeutic partner with the San Mateo Department of Probation providing diversion counseling for 1st-time juvenile offenders, alternatives to incarceration and re-entry programs for youth in the juvenile justice system. In San Francisco we offer intensive clinical case management for probation-involved youth.
    • We are a clinical training center for Trainees and Interns working toward licensure in their professional fields of Social Work and Marriage & Family Therapy.  Annually we train more than 25 graduate students.

    For more information

    Location Address Phone
    YSB - San Mateo 1670 South Amphlett Blvd #115
    San Mateo, CA 94402

    (650) 349-7969

    YSB - South San Francisco
    (Community Resource Center)

    1486 Huntington Ave. Suite 100
    South San Francisco, CA 94080

    (650) 276-4101
    YSB - Pacifica

    435 Edgemar Avenue
    Pacifica, CA 94044

    (650) 355-3900


    • For services in San Francisco, please call (415) 561-0631 ext.100
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    Jane Chandler

    With ten years of experience working with youth and families, Jane Chandler is recognized for her thoughtful and committed approach to mental health programming.