Urban Services YMCA’s Youth Development Department specializes in providing high quality after school programming at school sites throughout San Francisco. We serve traditional comprehensive school sites grades K-12 and continuation high schools located in the Bayview/Hunter’s Point, Excelsior/Oceanview/Ingleside, Inner Mission, Potrero Hill, Twin Peaks, and Western Addition communities. Urban Services YMCA has been delivering afterschool programs since 1996 and SFUSD ExCEL funded programs since 1999. We deliver school year and summer programs that are rooted in youth development principles and practices. We are dedicated to a holistic, wrap around approach to working with students to ensure their academic and emotional successes. Academic enrichment programs include visual and performing arts, cultural activities/events, health and nutrition, S.T.E.A.M., sports and recreation, youth leadership and empowerment programs and more.




Potrero Hill Collaborative



Starr King Director: Sol Granados
Contact: sgranados@ymcasf.org

Creation Station Director: Marcela Hunter
Contact: mhunter@ymcasf.org

Daniel Webster Before School Program
Program Director: Sol Granados
Contact: sgranados@ymcasf.org

Our comprehensive services are geared to be responsive and flexible enough to address each family’s unique needs. We work collaboratively with families to create service plans that empower and support families to strengthen social, emotional and physical well-being.

• Academic, creative and recreational enrichments
• Academic Support
• Inclusive community building
• Conflict mediation
• Socio-emotional skill building



Locations & Contacts

Our current sites include:

Dr. Charles Drew College Preparatory Academy: The Drew Beacon Center
Director: Tiana Kaulave
Contact: tkaulave@ymcasf.org


James Denman Beacon Center
Director: Patricia Barraza
Contact: pbarraza@ymcasf.org

Starr King Elementary School: Rising Starrs After School Program
Site Coordinator: Sol Granados 
Contact: sgranados@ymcasf.org

Potrero Hill Creation Station After School Program 
Site Coordinator: Kehrmie Kehrmeyer
Contact: KKehrmeyer@ymcasf.org


Daniel Webster Before School Program
Director: Sol Granados
Contact: sgranados@ymcasf.org

Downtown High School After School Program
Site Coordinator: Jorge Solorzano 
Contact: jsolorzano@ymcasf.org

Ida B. Wells High School After School Program
Site Coordinator: Ruben Uribe 
Contact: ruribe@ymcasf.org

John O'Connell High School After School Program
Site Coordinator: Zaldy Tubig
Contact: ztubig@ymcasf.org

The Academy-San Francisco @ McAteer After School Program
Site Coordinator: Susy Dubon 
Contact: sdubon@ymcasf.org


Marcela Hunter

Marcela is passionate about creating programs that are inclusive and promote development. At the Y she has found a supportive community and wants to make sure everyone has that opportunity.

Sol Granados

Sol is passionate about providing support and resources to underserved communities with a variety of ethnic, socio-economic, religious and generational backgrounds by providing literacy and academic development. 


Ruben Uribe

Ruben comes from San Diego, California and is the son of immigrant parents. He has been an advocate for social justice and educational equity. His work at Ida B. Wells High School has transformed many student lives by providing workforce development, college readiness and social awareness. Ruben and his team strive to create student empowerment and student voice.

Jorge Solorzano

I’m passionate about youth development and getting young people to the next journey after graduation. 

Kehrmie Kehrmeyer

Kehrmie is a creative, kind, and outspoken queer individual from Los Angeles, CA. They specialize in environmental science, holistic health, queer advocacy, alternative youth culture, and STEAM education. They are committed to engaging youth with transparency, humor, equity, and individualized approaches. Outside of work they enjoy art, music, skateboarding, and the outdoors.

Zaldy Tubig

Zaldy is passionate about building equity and providing resources to underprivileged communities of diverse backgrounds by applying creativity and entrepreneurship.

Susy Dubon

Susy is a city kid at heart, born and raised in San Francisco from Salvadoran parents. Uses her life experiences as fuel to building safe and supportive spaces for students. Her passion for serving underserved communities is the reason why she invests time into her line of work as a coordinator for After-school programming.