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2019 Summer Programs

We are working to update our summer program information here. In the meantime, please download our Summer 2019 brochure. 

Online registration will start on Monday, 1/28/19.

In-person registration will start on Saturday, 2/2/19 at 10 am. 

Parent Handbook

Summer Registration Form & Payment Policies (updated on 1/28/19)

For further information, please call our Member Services desk at 415-576-9622 x.0.

Find Your Camp

The Chinatown YMCA offers 2 options for full day camps during the summer: Day Camp and Summer School. 

To find out more about each program, please scroll down or download our Summer 2019 Brochure here

If you are registering in-person, download our registration form and payment/cancellation policy document here

Day Camp is a sold-by-week full day, 10-week program for youth in grades Kindergarten through 8th. The program takes place at the Chinatown YMCA and offers free child-care from 7:30 am to 9:00 am and 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm; program time is from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Summer School is a 6-week program starting from 6/10/19 through 7/19/19 offered to youth in grades 1st grade through 8th. The program takes place at Gordon J. Lau E.S. at 950 Clay Street in San Francisco and offers free child-care from 7:30 am to 9:00 am and 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm; program time is from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.

How to Register

Online camp registration opens Monday, January 28!

In- person registration opens Saturday, February 2nd at the Chinatown branch. 
Save some time and download and fill out the necessary forms beforehand. 

Summer 2019 Registration form and Payment and Credit Policy

Membership for All (Financial Assistance) Form

Online registration

How to create or update your member profile

Click Here to Begin
Select “Create Account”.
Enter the required personal information when prompted.
Once signed, click “My Account” in the links at the top right of the page. Check to make sure your contact info is current.
If your information needs to be updated, click “Edit Contact Information” in the contact information profile box.
To update your payment method click to the “Billing Methods” section. Select the billing method and edit and update the information needed.

Scheduling payments

To add a payment method:

From your online account main screen click on “Payment Method” and click “Add Credit Card” or “Add Bank Draft”
Once you have updated or added this info, click “Submit”

To make or schedule a payment:

From your online account main screen click “My Balance”
Click either “Pay Fees Now” or Schedule A Payment For A Later Date” (Note: payments cannot be scheduled after their due date or rescheduled if they are past due).

When is the balance due for camp?

The remaining balance for each camp week is due 14 days prior to the start date of camp. Failure to pay balances will result in the deposit being forfeited and the camper’s registration being canceled.

Specialty Classes


Does your camper have a thirst to explore further? Our Specialty Classes weave in topic-based sessions during the camper’s extended care time. Age specific Specialty sessions will be held at the Chinatown YMCA on Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday from 4:30pm-6:00pm. These sessions give campers an opportunity to explore specialized areas, pushing summer adventure to the extreme!Available for campers Kindergarten-5th grade.

Art, Martial Arts, Little Chef & S.T.E.M

6 Weeks Session Date:
6/10/19 - 7/19/19 (No class on 7/4)
Mon and Wed or Tues and Thurs

Cost: Facility member: $192 (Mon & Wed)
                                  $176 (Tue & Thur)
Community Participant: $216 (Mon & Wed)
                                    $198 (Tue & Thur)

2 Week Session Dates:
6/10 - 6/21, 6/24 - 7/5(no class 7/4), 7/8 -7/19 and
7/22 – 8/02 (No Art Class), 8/5-8/16

Cost: Facility member: $78
Community Participant: $86

*No class on July 4th
*Subject to change based on enrollment
*Summer School participants may only enroll in 6 week Sessions
* School transit is not provided for Summer School participants for any two weeks session classes. Parents
have to take their kids to the YMCA.

Please click here for more information and to register. 

Summer Swim Lessons

Dates and Times: 6/10/19-7/19/19 (2x/week for 6 weeks)

Mondays/Wednesdays (12 classes)

Facility members $180 Community Participants $216

Tuesdays/Thursdays (11 classes)

Facility members $165 Community Participants $198

Only available for summer school participants. Lessons will occur after regular program time. students will be walked over from Gordon J. Lau E.S. to the Chinatown YMCA. Pick up on swim lesson days for registered swim lesson participants will be at the Chinatown YMCA.

Click here to view our Aquatics page for more information. 

Day Camp

Put those books away, this kind of learning happens outside this classroom! Summer is here and it’s time to get off the couch meet some new friends! The Chinatown YMCA Day Camp provides a safe and positive atmosphere for our campers to play, explore, and create. This 10 week, theme based camp will be full of opportunities to meet new friends, engage in project based activities, and explore the city around them. We build an environment of learning by working together as a team and teaching youth about our four core values of: caring, responsibility, honesty, and respect. We will divide campers according to grade level following an age relevant schedule of group games, mini local trips, arts and crafts, recreational swimming, field trips, and so much more! Sign up and let’s start our summer adventure!

Ages: 5-13 years
Dates:6/10/19 – 8/16/19 8(10 weekly sessions)
(*No session on 7/4)
($35 deposit per session required)
Time: Monday- Friday 9:00am–4:00pm

Free morning and afternoon care: 7:30am-9:00am and 4:00pm-6:00pm

Location: Chinatown YMCA, 855 Sacramento Street

Your child will be enrolled in Pioneers, Adventurers, Explorers, or Movin’ On Camp. These camps represent different age levels.
Please see the descriptions below:

Pioneers: Entering Kindergarten and 1st grade: (staff to youth ratio 1:8)
Pioneers will discover basic skills and abilities to develop motor and creative thinking skills with activities based around early childhood development principles.

Adventurers: Entering 2nd and 3rd grade: (staff to youth ratio 1:10)
Adventurers will continue to build on developing individual skills with a focus on working with others through playing games, singing songs, and structured activities.

Explorers: Entering 4th and 5th graders : (staff to youth ratio 1:12)
Explorers are on the cusp of accomplishing great things through experimentation and self-discovery. They will learn about their world through project based activities and team work.

Movin’ On- Entering Middle Schoolers: (staff to youth ratio 1:15)
This Day Camp is just for your middle schooler. We know that at this age, middle schoolers thrive on strong peer networks and need a fun summer program tailored towards their interests. We will challenge your minds and abilities to be creative and to think critically while playing team building games, cooking special projects, and exploring age relevant fieldtrips.

To register, click on the registration button on the right column of this page. (Registration starts on 2/1/18)

Summer School

Children learn best when instruction is continuous. To close that summer learning gap, our program strives to prevent summer learning loss and fill your child’s summer with fun, friends and academic enrichment.

Our Summer School Program is in partnership with YMCA of USA and BELL (Building Educated Learners for Life) to implement a program called Power Scholar Academy (PSA). PSA comes with a structured curriculum that focuses on math and academic literacy to prevent summer learning loss. The curriculum will be aligned with the Common Core Standards which are taught during the school year. The teachers will also lead skill building and recreational activities that encourage exploration and spark curiosity that enriches the learning experience. There will also be an exciting field trip once a week to provide more hands on learning and summer fun

Summer break will never be the same again!

Ages: Entering 1st to 5th Grade

Dates: 6/10/19 - 7/19/19 (6 weeks)
(No class on 7/4)

Time: Monday-Friday:
7:30am-9:00am: Free Extended Care
9:00am-4:00pm: Program
4:00pm-6:00pm: Free Extended Care

Facility Members $870
Community Participants $960
(A $200 deposit is required at registration)

Location: Gordon J Lau Elementary School at 950 Clay Street, San Francisco, CA 94108


Residence Camp: Boys and Girls Camp & Campference

Residence Camp is a week-long sleep away camp. We have two camps held simultaneously: Boys and Girls Camp for youth and Campference for teenagers. Residence Camp will be held at Camp Fleischmann in Chester, CA. Each camp will enjoy activities such as, archery, riflery, swimming, crafts, singing, and our values education YMCA Raggers Program, which encourages personal growth.

Residence Camp
Dates: 7/27/19-8/2/19

Facility Member: $475      
Community Participant: $500
($100 deposit required at registration)

Location: Camp Fleischmann, Chester, CA

Boys and Girls Camp
Ages: 8-14 years

Youth ages 8-14 are divided into age-appropriate groups and experience sleeping under the stars in tents and participate in activities such as swimming, arts & crafts, outdoor education, music, games, archery, and campfire. Staff to youth ratio is 1:6.

* Special for Day Camp, Summer School Participants, and CIT’s !! Receive a $100 credit towards Residence Camp if you are registered for Summer School, CIT or 8 weeks or more of Day Camp.
** See 2019 Summer Brochure for more information. 

Teen Overnight Camp (Campference)

Campference is a week-long overnight camp held together with Boys and Girls camp. Campference offers teens a chance for self-exploration, sessions that explore teenage topics such as: social pressures, how to deal with stressors, and making smart choices. We strive to create a memorable camping experience by developing the foundation for strong self-confidence surrounded by positive adult and peer influences, interactive and fun games that build teamwork, and friendships that last a lifetime. Escape the urban jungle with us! * Special for Day Camp, Summer School Participants, and CIT’s !! Receive a $100 credit towards Residence Camp if you are registered for Summer School, CIT or 7 weeks or more of Day Camp.

Teens entering high school enjoy all aspects of camp as well as a progressive curriculum designed to encourage teamwork and leadership development. Staff to youth ratio is 1:12 for teenagers. Be sure to pick up a Camp Registration packet when you register!* See Residence Camp Brochure for more information.

Ages: 15 – 18 years (Entering Sophomore – First year in college).

* Special for Day Camp, Summer School Participants, and CIT’s !! Receive a $100 credit towards Residence Camp if you are registered for Summer School, CIT or 8 weeks or more of Day Camp.
** See Residence Camp Brochure for more information. 

Family Camp

Come join us for some quality family time at Camp Jones Gulch in the Santa Cruz Mountains. You’ll enjoy swimming, rock climbing, hiking, dancing, arts & crafts, group games, zip lines, and more! All meals are included. Fees are included for 4 meals, transportation (optional) and activities( except Horseback Riding).

Ages: It’s Family Camp! All ages are welcome.
Dates: 6/14/19-6/16/19

Facility Members
Adult(Age 18 & over ): $150
Youth(Age 5-17): $137
Kid(Age 4 & under): Free
Family of 4: $574 (includes 2 Adults & 2 Youth)

Community Participants
Adult(Age 18 & over ): $160
Youth(Age 5-17): $147
Kid(Age 4 & under): Free
Family of 4: $614 (includes 2 Adults & 2 Youth)




Denise Hung

Growing up at the Chinatown Y, youth and teen work is Denise's passion. Youth have the potential to change the world and she is proud to help programs that foster ability. 

Mandy Liu

Mandy began at the Chinatown YMCA in membership and the youth department. Mandy is living her passion of bettering the community we serve at the Chinatown YMCA.