Improve the quality of your life, meet new people, and stay strong for the future by working out at our fitness facility on a regular basis: 

Access to both main facility and annex is free. Silver and fit is YSF wide and fully subsidized.

  • The Stonestown Family YMCA main facility located at 333 Eucalyptus Dr. This location provides All Silver and Fit eligible members to receive a fully subsidized aka free membership with association wide access. Your home branch should be the facility you use 51% of the time. In order to keep the discount, you must check in to any branch in YSF 1 time per month. The member is responsible for paying the difference each month*. This membership option provides access to all group exercise classes, strength training, cardio equipment, pool, basketball gymnasium, and the Annex location offerings.
    • *Some Silver and Fit eligible members are responsible for paying an annual fee to their home branch. Please check with your insurance provider for more information.

  • The Stonestown Senior Annex located at 3150 20th Ave.

Silver and Fit members can gain access to our Y facilities to work out and take classes specifically designed for active older adults. Learn more by contacting us


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