San Francisco Youth Empowerment Fund


YEF is an initiative of The Youth Empowerment Fund run in partnership with Urban Services YMCA of San Francisco ( Guided by the beliefs of The Youth Empowerment Fund, YEF runs programs and creates opportunities that empower San Francisco’s young people to be citywide change-makers and celebrates their outstanding leadership. YEF offers resources and support to San Francisco youth by providing direct access to funding, connecting to city government, and opportunities for community collaboration. YEF is a project of the San Francisco Department of Children, Youth, and Their Families (DCYF), and funded by the San Francisco Children’s Fund.


The Youth Empowerment Fund believes:

  • Youth should be making the decisions that affect their lives
  • Youth possess the knowledge and ability to be effective leaders in their communities

  • Youth should have access to resources in order to create their own programs and opportunities​

YEF Mini-Grants

YEF awards $125,000 annually in mini-grants supporting projects initiated and led by youth citywide. Young people in San Francisco can apply for funding up to $10,000, three times a year, to fund their unique ideas and vision addressing important community issues and need. Have a project that could benefit from a YEF mini-grant?

School Year Funding | Up to $10,000
October - May
Application Deadline: First Friday in September

Spring Funding | Up to $5000
January - June
Application Deadline: First Friday in November 

Summer Funding | Up to $2500
June - August 
Application Deadline: First Friday in May



Breanne Harris

Breanne has worked with a wide age range of children in her career from newborns to college students in places like Boston, San Francisco, and Honolulu. She loves working with youth because of the energy they bring and the constant “aha!” moments of learning she gets to witness. She is passionate about social justice issues and received her Master’s in Sociology from Boston College with a focus in multiracial identity development in young women. Through her work with teens she has enjoyed seeing youth lead their peers and do amazing things in their communities.

Wahid Ahmed

Community Engagement Specialist
Wahid is a Bay Area native who has been active in community organizations since his youth. He graduated from Middlebury College with a degree in political science. While at Middlebury he created dialogue to critically engage issues of race, gender, and class and organized for inclusive spaces for students of color. In the ensuing years after college he has focused on advocacy, community engagement, and writing in Philadelphia and Boston. Wahid is excited to continue his growth and learn with the YEF team.