Launch is a series of one-on-one wellness sessions, designed to help you identify and reach your health and wellness goals. Each session is 30-60 minutes of one-on-one support with a Wellness Coach who will help you to create long-term healthy habits. At the YMCA of San Francisco, helping our members build healthy habits and supporting them on their journey towards better health and wellness is our priority.

Why Should I Sign Up For LAUNCH?

  • Work with a Wellness Coach
  • Two LAUNCH Appointments Included with Membership
  • Set Short-Term and Long-Term Goals
  • Customize Your Workouts
  • Track Your Progress
  • Experience New Group Exercise Classes and Equipment
  • Receive Feedback and Motivation from Coaches

LAUNCH 1 Overview

  • Discuss Wellness Goals
  • Identify and Overcome Barriers
  • Create an Action Plan
  • Demo Exercises
  • Learn about Y Programs
  • Schedule LAUNCH 2 Appointment

LAUNCH 2 Overview

  • Review Goals and Check Your Progress
  • Adjust Your Action Plan
  • Introduce New Exercises or Classes to Your Program
  • Get Answers to Your Questions
  • Identify Next Steps

What's Next?


Martine Hamers
(415) 615-1344

Martine began her career at the YMCA in 2015 as a yoga instructor and with her extensive experience in group wellness programming, she grew into the role of Associate Director of Healthy Living. Martine is passionate about strengthening community and creating an inclusive and positive environment for all members and guests. Join Martine in studio for her challenging yoga classes or find her on the fitness floor where she works together with her team to create a positive environment for members to work-out, to achieve goals and to receive the support needed. 

Susanna Schlub

Susanna brings a wealth of health and nutrition knowledge to our team. Susanna leads multiple group exercise classes weekly, so please join her in our studios for a fun and challenging workout. She is motivated by those around her and enjoys helping others reach their goals, test their abilities, and find success. Susanna and her team create a positive environment where our community can learn, share, and grow together.