Y Cardiac Therapy Program

Cardiac Therapy (Phase III)

A comprehensive program designed to assist those with major risk factors for cardiovascular disease and stroke, or those recovering from cardiovascular related surgery and events. The goal of the program is to prevent disease progression through focusing on physical and psychological health. This medically supervised program consists of safe and progressive exercise classes, risk factor education, stress reduction, group support, individualized initial assessment, and annual reviews.

One-time Only Intake Assessment: $75
Monthly Fee:
Members: Individual $80/month • Couple $100/month
Community Participants: Individual $110/month • Couple $130/month

Blood Pressure Screenings

Knowing your blood pressure is an important step in understanding your heart health. Stop by one of our free blood pressure clinics to ask our registered nurses about how our lifestyle can impact our heart health, to discuss your medications, or to have them teach you how to take your own blood pressure or heart rate.

This is a walk-in, FREE service!

Blood Pressure Clinics in the Lobby (Bob or Jan, RNs)

2nd Monday of the Month 9:30am-11:00am
3rd Wednesday of the Month 7:30am-9:00am

For information on the YMCA’s Phase III Cardiac Rehabilitation program, contact Karly Newman.